Frustrated with my SC8!!!!!

  • OK, I've had my SC8 for a week now, and I've been able to start it a half dozen times, but not on a consistent basis. I have already stripped my starter shaft - a new-improved one is on its way from AE. So I got an AE starter box to try that. Here again I run into problems. It seems to me that the wheel is spinning in the wrong direction to start my flywheel. But it's rotating as it says in the instructions (clockwise when viewed from the back of box). But it seems that the flywheel needs to spin clockwise, which means the wheel in the box should spin the counter clockwise. So it won't start the truck at all. I'm at my wits end! Someone help!!!!

    If there's anyone in the SoCal area (OC preferably) willing to meet up and help a noob out, I'd be very appreciative.
  • just reverse the starter box wires then i should go counter clock wise
  • Yeah, I've heard about doing that, but wasn't sure. So is that right? With an SC8, the start box wheel should spin counter clockwise?
  • The engine, when looking at the clutch/flywheel assembly will be spinning counter clock wise. I am using an AE box for all of my 1/8th cars. I didnt reverse any wiring.