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Originally Posted by DOMIT View Post
You have a point... it is the electric toys that are for girls...
Originally Posted by pinky2252s View Post
Not if i made a nitro one
Originally Posted by The Working Man View Post
To smelly.
It's self lubricating though.
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My wife complaints on a regular basis. The minute i go and buy a screw for my buggy ( titanium ) the next moment she acts like crazy.The good thing is that she doesnt know the actual pricing and she cant tell the cost difference between an engine and a body shell for example. So i tend to reduce the prices ie a pipe that costs 90$ i tell ..."nah dont worry it wasnt expensive , only 20$"

Seriously though... have come to the conclusion that all this comes from the fact that our wives dont have an actual hobby for themselves. And they only see the cost involved and not the main idea.
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Old 04-07-2009, 03:35 PM   #79
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Here is a quick lesson on how to keep your hobby at hand.

The "kids play with toy cars"
1-if she doesn't like the fact that you play with toy cars then start leaving busa magazines around the house. Simply explain to her that you like loud fast things, but you want to raise a family with her so you want to have safe hobbies.

The "you spend too much money on the hobby"
2-if you can't afford to have it trampled on when she gets mad then don't buy it. You can find plenty of ways to race on a budget if you need to & you will still be plenty fast. If money becomes an issue then sit down with your partner and create a budget for the year. If something is not in the budget then don't use it. If you come up with extra money then invest it towards sooner retirement.

Woman do have a hobby.
3- It is called cooking.

4- Don't reward her discriminating against your hobby. Reward her for making you lots of sandwiches & being a goddess in the bed. If she does something for you then remember to do something for her. It is kind of like training a dog. You give her positive reinforcement when she does something that you like & ignore her when she does something you don't like. If a dog peed on your shoes then would you give it a treat?
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Old 04-07-2009, 04:28 PM   #80
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Married in the Air Force... Tech School marriage... We moved out to Cali separetely, she was about a month behind me in school.

Had my brand spanking new FT TC3 that I bought before I enlisted, bought a set of Sorex tires from Billy, and unpacked my gear at Speedworld. Ran one battery pack before my phone started ringing.. "When you coming home?" Well, that was the end of a hobby, and the beginning of a 5 year mariage. Should have reversed the outcomes. Not that I was perfect, but damn I should have added up the signs....
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Old 04-07-2009, 06:24 PM   #81
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To quote Garrett Smith ...

"It ain't gonna suk itself."

Take that as you will....
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wow i truly have a gem.. My wife doesn't complain about me going to the track to practice or bashing. I get my list of chores done, take care of her and we be happy.

i feel bad for some of you guys.
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Originally Posted by Rainman1 View Post
This is a true story that happened to me a few months ago:

When I started with RC my wife showed some interest, but the more time and money I would spend on RC, the more she started getting upset. I only race 2/ month. I stopped telling her how much I spent because she started b!$(#$*ng too much about it. She started getting to the point where she would look through my rc stuff and that really pissed me off. She got upset one day and hid my cars using them as leverage for an argument that quickly got very heated. I was outraged and left work, she wouldn't let me in the house so I literally knocked the door down. I grabbed all her freaking clothes from her closet, her laptop, and threw it in her trunk and took her keys away. Needless to say I had my rc stuff within an hour and since then she doesn't even go near my stuff anymore. I think women just need to be broken into the hobby.

Man, if i EVER had a fight like that with my girlfriend, i'd either walk out the door or show her the door and never talk to her again. I don't understand how people can fight like that. My fiance and I have had our differences, but in the almost 6 years together i've never even raised my voice to her. Not to say our relationship is perfect, because no relationship is, but i've NEVER had a fight like that with her nor will i ever let it get that far. As far as being lucky, i am. She understands that my hobby costs lots of money. then again, when she can easily sink into one camera twice what i have in my rc stuff, she really can't say anything She's bought me plenty of stuff for my hobby too, including a few new cars.
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Originally Posted by markr04 View Post
ya , pichers for sure
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Thumbs up Wow

Wow. sitting here LOL myself to death . You people married the wrong person.. I have had hobbys my whole life although I am 47..My wife and I dont mess one another personal time up. Get a divorce you bunch of dummies if you married a woman and all she does is wine like a baby divorce that thing get some young hottie train her the way you need her to be and enjoy life..In the winter here in Michigan I hunt. I have 50 G in firearm alone. Then I race indoors electric. i picked up a 1/8 scale nitro gonna give that a run.. In the summer I have my Boat and I fish in local tournys and BFL tournys. I also Play pro paintball . I spend about 150 days a year away from my wife We are Great Oh I have a 17 year old son and a 15 year old daughter ..Kick the Nag to the curb get a New hottie that understands you and your needs life is short why spend it in a cruddy relationship.. there are 4 woman to each of US more like 7:1 odds .. Peace all TnT
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I'd just say that all you guys have the wrong wife. I eventually got started racing and got my wife to start driving. She fell in love with it. Then, she quit her job and started working at Airland Hobbies in SoCal. She was the one always bringing home RC gear every night and I couldn't stop her. LOL. We used to go to the track every weekend (both Saturday & Sunday) and just have a blast. We raced on a regular basis out there. If I had a problem with the car or anything, SHE would be the first one heading to the hobby shop to pick up parts.

You here all these threads about how the wife gets ticked off for doing stuff like this. My wife was the first one to wash her buggy in the kitchen sink. She would move the coffee table out of the living room, lay down a canvas sheet and start tearing her car down for the next weekend race. I guess I'm just one of the lucky few.

Good luck to all of you that don't have this.
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IMO the easiest way to afford the hobby and not have your wife get upset is to handle your finances better. if you dont make enough money to be able to buy some parts here and there without getting yelled at, then you probably cant afford it. i mean i make 60 grand a year and my wife makes about 45 but we dont own a 200k house, the house was only 75, i preffer to spend my money on my hobby or her on her shoes and purses and clothes and stuff. i mean instead of trying to have everything nice just go a little cheaper on the stuff that you dont have the best of, and spend more on the stuff you want to be awesome.
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I used to have a hobby, and a wife.

I still have a hobby, and now have an ex-wife.

Life is good.
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this wife/girlfriend against RC comes up every year about this time, and to me it comes down to having the wrong partner because relationships are supposed to be 2-way streets and supporting one another. if you're spending grocery money to go to the track to race for bowling trophies then chances are this hobby is out of your price range, but if your hobby is helping keep you out of the bars and giving you something to do and she still finds something wrong with it then you have the wrong woman in your life. my "ex" was part of the reason I gave up RC way back because she thought I should be doing something more adult, but when I started playing golf every Sunday she started hating golf and the only way "she" as happy was if I was miserable because I had nothing to do. 5 years later "new" wife is just happy I'm happy doing something and not out wasting money drinking at the bar as a hobby.
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If your wife or girlfriend gives you a hard time about having a hobby and it bothers you; Are you sure you are happy ? If the answer is no then send her packing. After all if you aren't happy, what is the point of making her happy ? Are yall living for someone else ? Life is too short for me to worry about making a woman happy if it interferes with my happiness. Think about it guys. This is a no brainer. I've been down the road of marriage and my wife was never happy no matter what I did. No matter how much time I spent or how much money I spent on her. Most women dont won't us happy mainly because they are unhappy with themselves. Its called HORMONES.
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