questions one the mugen mbx6

  • can someone answer two questions for me. I posted this in the mbx6 thread and got no answer.

    1. What are the rebound stops for on the front lower arms???

    2. why can't i get my front end as low as my rear??? does it corner or handle better this way (this is the way i have it now)??? I would think not, but maybe i am wrong. I have my suspension springs lose. stabilizers and balls, pins are as free as they can get. I don't know much about kick up or squat. But those plastic mounts that the arms attach to. They come at different angles. which one should i use?? Right now i have the one that is pointed down on the front lower arm and the insert in the uper arm is in the center?? while the one on the back is straight on the lower arm mount with i think the inserts for the upper arms are on the upper part of the insert??? I was quessing that pointing it down would have made the front end go down. Maybe i am wrong. I hope not, i dont want to take the front end apart again. I don't want to end up stripping the gearbox housing out. Not to mention my screws (which are stainless btw, newbie mistake)

    help please. As you can see i am new to this after being away from it for over 10 years. And ALOT has changed.
  • bump for any answers.

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