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let me know the good and bad. and how much they generally go for thanks
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Thumbs up 427

there are 2 versions of that engine the gold head and a teal head. they say the teal version produces more power of the 2.
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I have the Gold cooling head engine and its not going to win a pro race but it holds its tune and runs strong. I paid about $150 for mine and have a gallon thru it and it runs great.
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I have the 427 with the silver head (came with my 8ight) and it produces good power, very easy to tune and reliable, and easy to start. But it sucks gas up. Seems like I run a couple laps, then check to see if everyhting is running good, and the tank is almost empty. I get about 5-6 minutes on a tank.

EDIT: The person who sold it to me got it pinched (got the engien used) and it still has great compreesion. Even better when a piston/sleeve is only $40!
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my buddy has one of the silver or teal head ones the 427 that comes
in the rtr truggy it is fast holds a tune he is not good to it runs old
fuel on after run oil all that and it runs good can not beat it for the price
i think
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It's a thirsty pig and doesn't like to hot start. Other than that it ran good and was easy to tune. I had 5+ gallons through mine when I sold it, still ran good.
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Originally Posted by KyJoe340 View Post
doesn't like to hot start.
Thats news to me as Ive never had a problem starting that engine, cold or hot.
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I bought my son a Losi muggy it came stock with the silver head (rotostart). I would bet he has ran atleast six gallons on it and it still has a bunch of compression. Infact I tore the engine down this winter and it still looks in great shape. Has good power for a sport engine. I have never actually checked run time but I know it does like to drink fuel. Very easy to tune and will actually run on almost any tune job. I run A OS A3 plug and it fires easily.
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I have a brand new one for sale out of a losi 8B. $100 or offer. Pm if interested.
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Mine lasted 19 1/2 gallons of abuse
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Originally Posted by yaright View Post
Mine lasted 19 1/2 gallons of abuse
DANG!!!! you hd one beast of a motor!
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well heres what i know about 427's...

the 427 crank is an EXACT replica of the lrp sec Z28... lay em sid eby side and youll never know the difference...

they love to drink fuel, but what big block doesnt?

mine(i had 3) are super easy to start once theyre broken in...

they hold a tune like nothing ive ever seen...

mine run at its best at around 215 degrees...

make alot power...

mach 427 is built by dynamite....

theyre fast, and high rpm motors...

they love abuse, after break in of course....

the first one i had i ran it at 300 degrees and it loved every minute of it.... it lasted another 6 gallons after that... it lasted 13.5 gallons total...

with all this being said, this is the best motor doller for doller and the VERY best rtr motor out... PERIOD. if you break it in right, expect atleast 10 gallons through it....

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I like this motor. I have won many races with it. The Teal head has more power but sucks the fuel and the gold head is fast but gets better fuel milage. I was getting 9 1/2 mins with the gold head in my truggy but the teal head gets about 7 1/2. Parts are cheap for it. I run mine at about 220 to 240 degrees with no problems. I wish they made Mach 421 for buggy.
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I blew the rod in mine (Sportwerks .26 V2, same thing) being an idiot. That is NOT a reflection on the motor, just on my impatience. I'd buy another.

Great low end torque and mid-range power. Top end is not as high as most "race" .21 motors, but peak HP is pretty close, just at lower RPM.

Best inexpensive (not cheaply made, just inexpensive) motor out there!
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Losi Mach engines, Sportwerks engines, LRP engines, XTM engines, Dynamite engines and SH engines all come from the same factory.


I had a SH .28 RTR engine in my CEN Truggy and it ripped. I also have a SH .25 it also rips.
Downside, they are thirsty.

You can get the .25 for $125 shipped brand new and its all the engine you'll ever need for truggy.

Just picked up a SH PT2008-XB after running V-specs. Not gonna get the milage but hopefully it'll last more than 2 gallons.

my $.02
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