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markr04 02-25-2009 04:23 PM

Truggy wheel and tire standards?
I can walk into my LHS and blindly pick up 1/8 buggy wheels and tires and they're going to be a standard fit on my 8ight-b.

I see a few different things for truggies. Offset, 23mm, 40mm, LPR, etc. I don't know which to look for. Some on-line stores still list them under monster truck tires, along with T-Maxx stuff. lol.

I'd like to buy wheels and tires for my 8ight-T 1.0 that are not necessarily Losi brand. What do I need to look for?

Is there a standard for truggy wheels and tires?


Fletcher6371 02-25-2009 04:47 PM

1/2 in offset, 17mm LPR wheels

markr04 02-25-2009 07:52 PM


And... can you or anyone else elaborate on the existence or prospect of a truggy wheel/tire standard? Am I wrong in assuming that there are different sizes/profiles for truggies? Kyosho, for example, seems to be on a different size in some way... but maybe I'm wrong.

It would be nice (in my opinion) if every truggy was: 1/2 offset, 17mm, LPR

RiverDiver 02-25-2009 07:59 PM

kyosho st-rr comes with an extended hub so the rim that comes with them is a zero off-set.........i switched to buggy hubs and run 1/2" offset at my track

thing is to if use diffrent off-set you can make you track width narrower or wider.

Oasis 02-25-2009 08:05 PM

0 offset is becoming the norm in Truggies as the LRP size rims, The 23mm hubs are overkill in my opinion and the 40 series tires are hard on clutches, bearings and hubs..and dont seem to offer any advantages as far as traction goes..so for the 1.0 Losi 1/2 offset is the rim..I have heard to many conflicting stories on the 1/2 vs the 0 offset..and both were from Losi team guys..:lol:..cuz you know the new Losi is 0 offset..

motoclay 02-25-2009 08:45 PM

This will start a debate!

I think that the 1/2 offset is actually better mechanically. It puts the bearing closer to the center of the wheel and the load on the bearings are not as much. On the 0 offset however there is more leverage on the bearings which def. causes more stress on them. The overall width is the same if you are using standard hubs on a losi as say to a rc8t and its standard set up. The only diff. is that Losi uses the wheel offset to get there rather than the A-arms. My 2 pennies no FLAME ON!!! cuz i honestly would like to hear other folx take on it. I feel my theory is just, due to the recent stories of the 2.0 blowing hub bearings, which i have yet to do on my 1.0, i do keep an eye on them, and service them occasionally, but have yet to blow one.

RiverDiver 02-25-2009 09:36 PM

im wondering if that is so.....that it puts more stress on the bearings b/c it does make alot of sense

motoclay 02-25-2009 10:13 PM

totally is true. There is no denying it. The physics of it can only result in one scenario. The 0 offset loads the bearings more than the 1/2. By the same token, just changing hub offsets doesn't necessarily make it better. I really dont even know why you would change out hubs. Unless you were going to run 1/2 hubs and 1/2 wheels which would be nuts wide. offset hubs dont even make sense. If you 1/2 hubbed a 0 offset that would REALLY load the bearings. 1/2 hub 1/2 wheel would be just as bad.

Losi 1.0 and Jammin' CRT X1 and X2 (and any others alike 1/2 offset) have the best design for hub design/wheel combo for bearing stress distribution. Not saying its such a large issue that it makes all others junk, it just means you betta keep an eye on them bearings with 0 offset wheels.

Oasis 02-25-2009 10:46 PM

And you have proof of your theory..if you actually look at where the bearings are placed in a 0 offset hub they are in the center of the wheel..check it..I think I would be checking the quality of the Losi bearings over the "more stress" theory..I have NEVER had any bearing issuses with my ST-RR using 0 offset wheels..but then again Kyosho uses good bearings..:lol:

motoclay 02-26-2009 04:55 AM

sorry dude, but the 0 offset is def. not in the center of tire looking down from top. There is more tire over the bearing than with the 1/2 offset.

And like i said, im not saying its a bad thing or design totally, i mean yes it does work and seems to be fine on most cases, but it doesnt help the stress factor.

elkman 02-26-2009 05:18 AM

OFNA 0 offset with Badland tires 8ight-t
1 Attachment(s)
Just mounted these bad boys last night. I will see how they do this weekend.

motoclay 02-26-2009 05:48 AM

those tires look awesome, i seen those a few times before. I think that they would be awesome basher tires, or a soft dirt track tire. The conditions would def. have to be right for them to be good racing tires. They look like Dunlop 756s from motocross.

wallot 02-26-2009 06:04 AM

quite easy first pick you hex adapter

14mm for maxx trucks
17mm for truggy, savage and some others
23mm for some proline wheels used mostly for bashing

ok u got truggy so 17mm

now the wheel size
standard truggy wheels are 3.2" diammeter
LRP (low profile) wheels are 3.8 diammeter

now wheel offset:
0 offset for all new truggies i think
1/2" offset for some older like losi, ofna what need offset wheels to get the needed track width

and then just pick correct tire. easy
or even easier just buy premounts like i do :)

JAMMINKRAZY 02-26-2009 08:53 AM

If you think about it 1/2 offset places the outer bearing in the center of the wheel, however 0 offset places the inner wheel bearing in the center. I think the stress issue is a moot point. Truggies have been running 1/2 and 0 offset for a long time now, without any issues with either. I think the losi problem comes from the use of bad bearings. To me 0 offset should be the standard. I am sick of switching between offsets when the next new thing comes out. Befor I got my losi 1.0 I ran 0 offset, then the losi 1.0- 1/2 offset and now the losi 2.0 back to 0 offset. To me 0 offset is the better of the two. If the truggy is designed correctly without any extended hubs to get it to the right width for 0 offset, the truck will have better suspension geometries, thus it will handle the rough a lot beter. Take the losi 2.0 for instance. All arm, no extended hubs, and running 0 offset. It handles the rough like no other truggy I have ever seen. This system in effect widens the feeling of the truck. While the overall width is the same the actual suspension is wider, thus it soaks up the bumps more stable.

motoclay 02-26-2009 10:30 AM

Great point on the suspensions. It does put more leverage on the suspenders thus actually making them work better and more tunable as well. That does make sense to me as well. And i agree there needs to be a standard. I want the 2.0, but i wont buy it for a while, need some wheels for my 1.0, hard to justify when i know im not going to use it much longer. Buggies, shoot, collect all ya want!!! hahah.

Nice post, thanks, makes sense to me as well as the 1/2 offset set up.

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