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Old 02-02-2009, 02:06 PM   #1
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Default Build Me A Winner!

So lets get out our magic lamp and make 5 wishes! If you could build your perfect 1/8th Nitro Offroad race vehicle (Buggy and or Arena Truck), what 5 qualities would be most important to you? Split Center diff? One Piece engine mount? At ROAR legal weight? What do you just 'have to have'?

Hopefully this can be a nice fun topic of discussion!
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Dear Genie, please give me the twitch skills to compete at the highest level because even $10K in "hop-ups" ain't gonna do me squat...
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I'll kick things off - number one would be easy of maintenance (i.e., number of screws to remove radio tray, diffs, etc). It seems like the bulk of this hobby, at least at the club level, comes down to which cars are maintained well enough to finish the mains.
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Old 02-02-2009, 02:19 PM   #4
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1. easy acces to diffs
2. droop screws that don't eat chassis.
3. build a better radio box.
4. unbreakable wing mount.
5. fuel tank with integrated line management.
And a body that will last me more than a few weeks
And all necessary tuning options included.
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Old 02-02-2009, 02:32 PM   #5
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Originally Posted by KRCRacer22 View Post
So lets get out our magic lamp and make 5 wishes! If you could build your perfect 1/8th Nitro Offroad race vehicle (Buggy and or Arena Truck), what 5 qualities would be most important to you? Split Center diff? One Piece engine mount? At ROAR legal weight? What do you just 'have to have'?

Hopefully this can be a nice fun topic of discussion!
Lutz, I might be bias since in run for HB, but if you have ever looked at the D8 it has some nice features:

1.Small amount of screws and 4mm screw under chassis .... Easy to wrench on, Durable, and takes stripping screws out the picture.
2.One piece servo tray... this is very nice
3.Quick change motor mount... a must have when at the track testing
4.Simple to set-up..... Some cars have to many options
5.Split center diff.... This is the only feature that the D8 is missing

Affordable... At the end of the day $$$$ is the selling point.

So to sum just make a simple and affordable car with those features.

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Old 02-02-2009, 02:44 PM   #6
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I think it would be cool to have an easy access diff case. Like just removing the upper shock locations, maybe 4 screws from the top side. Then the whole case and tower comes off. The arms and sway bar all stay on the car. It would have to take some designing but where theirs a will theirs a way!
Joey Kubat
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Old 02-02-2009, 02:44 PM   #7
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1.Easy diff access
2.Durable body
3.Good price point
4.Carbon fiber parts
5.Easy maintnence
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Old 02-02-2009, 02:52 PM   #8
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My perfect car:

1) Easy to work on......As in 2 piece center diff, no to many screws to remove front/rear diffs, etc
2) Losi style front knuckle setup
3) Losi style completely sealed gear boxes
4) 808 style bigger inner and outter clutch bearings and standard size bearnings throughout the car (8x16,etc).
5) Durability and virtual maintenance freeness of the Mugen.

Otherwise, either put a losi style front knuckle setup on a Mugen, or put the losi stylee front/rear gearboxes on the 808.
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Old 02-02-2009, 03:08 PM   #9
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1. Split center Diff.
2. Fuel tank clunker(losi like)
3. Plastic pipe hangar(OCM used to use one, very durable and flexes a little. Best part of the darn OCM car...lol)
4. Plastic skid plates to preserve the rear of the chassis.
5. Extra screws during the build... I'm not the only one that loses a screw or two during the build....
6. A nuetral setup that worked just about everywhere...
7. NO HOP UPS NEEDED... What I get out of the kit allows me to be competitive.
8. Thicker body
9. All sway bars and shock springs in the kit...

I'll surely think of more stuff later.
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Old 02-02-2009, 03:41 PM   #10
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Originally Posted by K_B View Post
Dear Genie, please give me the twitch skills to compete at the highest level because even $10K in "hop-ups" ain't gonna do me squat...

LMAO! I'll have to echo that sentiment. As for the attributes I'd like to see in a vehicle, it's hard to widdle it down to just five, but here goes:

-that it be designed so as to facilitate access to critical components, and as such, that said access require minimal disassembly.

-That it employ high quality and/or high specification materials in strategic areas so as to minimize breakage, wear or slop (and the handling inconsistency brought about by the latter) between scheduled maintenance intervals.

-That it come with a detailed and comprehensive set-up guide to allow the user/driver to maximize handling through predictable setup changes. Many cars come with a veritable plethora of tuning options... That remain a mystery to all but the most adept drivers. The function of each setup-altering component should be unerstood and clearly conveyed in printed literature included with the vehicle.

-That the choice and layout of components be taken into account so as to reduce overall weight, center of gravity, maximize left/right balance, and do so in harmony with the 3 previous points.

-That it have spare parts readily available and a dedicated supply network to ensure that parts needed are available upon demand.

Also, if it could be made to look NOT fugly, that would be a plus
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Old 02-02-2009, 03:55 PM   #11
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1.) Easy Access Diffs
2.) Light-weight drivetrain
3.) Xtra Swaybars Springs and clutch bells included
4.) One piece Engine mount/ (set gear mesh once and don't worry about it)
5.) Easy set up Linkage/ one piece radio tray
6.) Clunk fuel tank

Probably more
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Old 02-02-2009, 04:18 PM   #12
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Jammin X2 CRT type fuel tank (snap-in mounts to route fuel line, markings on tank to let you know how exactly much fuel you used)with a Losi style clunk.

Tamiya style brake bias adjustment.

Top mount servo saver adjusting nut.

Losi style clutch (its nice having pre-built clutch set-ups ready to drop in)

Easy diff access.

Losi type air filters (how can you beat pre-oiled 4 packs for under $8?)

Nylock nuts for wheels.

Full set shock springs.

Full array of shock pistons, including blank ones.

Full set sway bars.

Instead of putting tires in the kit that many people will never use, why not put a voucher in the box for a free set so the customer can choose?

Mugen has a good idea with the Upgrade-RC body wrap.
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Pretapped holes for replaceable steel droop screw pads.
Clunk in fuel tank along with screw holes for fuel line clips.
Split center diff is very nice.
If you're gonna make a pipe put a BRACE on the stinger!
Slim and trim like the losi
Carbon Fiber towers seem to hold up excellent
Brake rods both on same level
Big bores are the thing and customers won't let ya forget it
Extra clutch shims and detailed instructions on initial engine/clutch installation
Team Associated & CRC
Trackstar & Hobbywing esc's
Spektrum radios, GensAce batts, turnigy servos.
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Well, if I were to help design a new buggy???

1. I'd go with a narrower chassis, not losi narrow, but more like the Xray or Mugen

2. Slimmed down, weight is important. Needs to be dangerously close to Roar weight limit

3. Fuel clunk in the gas tank

4. interchangable radio boxes, a bigger one for NIMH packs and bulky recievers, and then a smaller lipo/ micro reciever box. That would help you control the weight without modifying the current radio box.

5. I don't know if this last one is possible, but I'd like to see quick change hubs, so you could do a quick tire change during pit stops.

And I'm not gonna ask for a stronger body, because if your smacking that up too much, then your not driving with the right side down.
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GPS so it drives it self FAAAST around the track and I can't screw it up.

1. Make it from high quality plastic - I don't mind paying more if I am getting more.

2. Standardized heads on the screws - Unlike many, I like the Kyosho phillips head screws. One bit fits every screw. I don't wear myself out changing bits or wrenches.

3. Requires ZERO and I mean ZERO ( 0 ) hop-ups. I hate buying a kit and it will not either hold up or perform well without some $50 hop-up. I just paid $500 - $700 for a kit. I don't want to have to spend another dime.

4. Make it easy to maintain, clean and repair. (refer to number 2) Plus, I think a radio tray that had 4-6 strong, well positioned screws holding it in would be awesome.

5. Captured pins etc are a no brainer. One thing I was disappointed in with my Koytoy was having to buy captured pins.

Hope this helps, Ryan. If I think of more I will post it.
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