Are these good engines?

  • hpi .25, a cen matrix .28, losi mach 427, and a picco 0-1
  • Never had any but I think LOsi Had the 427 in there RTR's They seemed to make good power.
  • Mach 427
  • What about the other two???
  • Well, piccos are ok, hard to tune with stock carb. Cen is a down grade as well as the hpi compared to the mach 427. I ran the mach and its a strong motor. Was about 4-5 gallos with mine and i sold it and the guy says its still running about 8-9!
  • Also, what about an hpi .28 big block?
  • Before i answer that what car where you going to put an engine in?
  • Hey, hey, hey. I'm asking the questions but if you must know, It's a Hellfire.
  • Quote: Mach 427
  • Yes, mach 427 is a definate for that hell fire from the choices you picked. Run it will a losi ht pipe or sportwerks ht pipe or sport pipe. Or a jp-1!
  • Quote: Mach 427

    This is a great engine.
  • Quote: +1
    qft from this man. he ran one in his cen and it worked very well. made good power also.

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