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I have always said to practice with what you are gonna race with. Motors are so different in how they feel and the response. You may have the timing down with one motor/clutch when it comes to different obstacles on the track. Change the motor and that changes everything( so whats the purpose of practice). If you can buy another engine and use one for racing and one for practice/backup they should be the same. If you take care of that RB it wil serve you well in practice and racing. Clean air filter,good fuel and a decent tune and it will last a long time.

Just my experience...
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If you are going with the Go, I would sell the RB and perhaps buy 2 Go's and you have your backup problem solved. that also eliminates having to carry different pipes and plugs...
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Originally Posted by JAMMINKRAZY View Post
You would also have to tack on bearings which are atleast $50. plus you would have to make sure the crankshaft pin is not morn out. if it is that would be another 100 atleast. also you would want to make sure all the rubber o-rings and seals are good. You would have to check the head button for pitting. in most cases rebuilding an engine is far from worth it. The total will probably come close to the price of a brand new motor.

I agree with BigAlz that you should practice with the motor that you are gonna race with, but I also believe it would be beneficial to have a learning/backup motor. Once you get the feel for tuning etc. put the c6 in and run that for practice and racing. Before that time comes just run the cheaper motor for everything.
yepp thats exactly what i was saying ..
Alan Hall
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Old 01-09-2009, 02:58 PM   #19
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Originally Posted by underway View Post
If you are going with the Go, I would sell the RB and perhaps buy 2 Go's and you have your backup problem solved. that also eliminates having to carry different pipes and plugs...
See he wants to keep the C6 but he is worried about having to learn to tune etc. on a very expensive race engine. So thats why I say get a cheap motor(go tech) to learn on and keep the C6 for when you have accumulated some experience. that way once you get better at tuning and driving you will have a fast race motor to throw in.
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Old 01-09-2009, 03:07 PM   #20
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Originally Posted by Cvdiver View Post
I gotta disagree with the wisdom behind race and practice motors. Unless both of your motors are the same, in his case 2 c6's. You won't be able to learn how to control a serious performance motor like the c6 while running a motor that has substantially less performance. To use the analogy of the smaller motorcycle vs a bike like the gsxr1000. Imagine that you are competing in a superbike race for the first time, and your team gives you a moderate performance type bike, not really a bike that you would race. You go out during practice and just wring that thing out. You find that bikes edge and ride on it. You feel like the greatest rider ever. Now, time for the race, and they bring you Mat Mladin's GSXR 1000! You have never been on a bike like that 200+ horsepower, indeed a scary ride. The first time you come out of a corner and lay into the power of that thing, and the rear end comes out from under you, and you high center. Sound like fun?
May be a little long of an analogy, but you get the idea.

Run the c6, and then rebuild it as needed.

I have a c6 BBT L2g in my 8b by the way, and love it.

all i run for practice or race is a Vspec..same engine all the time.
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Rearview, where can I get a go tech for $99? I only see them for like 130.
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Normally I would say run the race motor all the time but since you've stated your pretty much completely new to it a budget motor might be a good investment.

For me it takes even a few laps to adjust to a change in my engine tune to relearn the jumps on the track so if your question had been should I get a motor to practice then swap it out for the races I would have said certainly not to.

Since you already have one RB it might be wise to get another RB. The S3, S5, and S7 are all great engines that will perform well. I used to love the S7 I had and I know a lot of satisfied S5 customers also. I personally would go for the S7 its a great engine. The cheaper engines dont normally last as long as the more expensive ones and my experience with the S7 was that it lasted quite a long time. Its smooth on bottom with good top and it was at one point in time the world champ so its something you can get good use from even after you've gotten the hang of driving.
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Old 01-09-2009, 03:39 PM   #23
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+1 on staying with the same brand and possibly down sizing.

I would normally run race motors for practice as well but being your a newb(no disrespect) might wanna try getting a practice motor. I would also run the same clutch set-up you have in your race motor too.

And dont be affaid to ask anybody at the track for help. We were all there at one time too. I know I dont mind at all. I've had the same guy once ask me like 3 or 4 times in one race day to help him tune his motor.
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Keep your c6 for sure, it is a bad ass mill. I would definitely get some type of sport motor to get your tuning and driving down. I burned up two motors before I finally learned to tune properly.When I first began nitro I found it was easier for me to drive with less "power". I then stepped up to my first big motor and found myself getting into trouble, too much throttling, wheel spin, over shooting jumps, staying in the gas to long on straights, ets. What can I say, I like a fast motor just like the next guy
Once I learned to slow down and back off the trigger, yes I pretty much always have a healthy motor in my buggy. Good luck and have fun with the new toy.
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stick with the c6. your only going to be able to drive it to your capabilities anyway. whether that be quick or slow. not to mention the $$$ you save from not buying another motor that you have to worry about running in.

run this motor into the ground then either upgrade, buy something new or rebuild.
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