Is this too good to be true?

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  • He's offering free shipping to Australia if paid via wire transfer!

    I've been in contact with ebay, and they advise that all sellers musts accept paypal, so I've contacted him again and am waiting for his response.

    I'm gonna follow this right through, coz I want it bad
  • I almost fell for it to but decided to wait I just saw his feed back an it says he's a scam!
    Like some one said before if it looks to good to be true its probably is :
  • i would say that it is very risky.. there is no know way that i would send a wire transfer
  • Ah yes, new feedback has appeared since my auction end, accepted money from a buyer and will not ship

    I new it felt wrong

    It's a shame coz what a bargain

    Thanks everyone, back to the drawing board for me (just glad it hasn't cost me any money)
  • The seller and I have mutually agreed to withdraw the sale, maybe he was legit, I'll never know.

    He explained the negative feedback he had recieved to me, yes he didn't ship the item, but he did refund the money ( emailed me the transaction details on paypal )

    He had 2 more MP9's end today for similar money, so either he got a few real cheap, or he's losing money, anyway, I started another thread detailing what I did end up with, being an MP9 kit including Sirio S21 BK Evo4 for about $720USD, so I'm pretty happy with that.

    Thanks again everyone for your advice

  • well i think that was a good decision on your part... that was a pretty good stack of cash to take a chance on
  • Well, that was a close one, the seller has now been deregistered by Ebay.

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