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Default Are CORR trucks the next class to enter the national spotlight?

With the natural progression of the sport, we have seen the rise and fall of certain classes. Monster trucks came, left their footprint and have left the national level along with 1/10 trucks. With that in mind, what will the CORR trucks impact have on racing? I personally don't see these trucks turning into a diverse and competitive class. This is my opinion and I want to hear yours. It is up to the racers to decide which classes rise and fall, so what do you think will happen? Do you like this class or is it another one hit wonder?

I bring this up because it seems as though everyone is just buying these CORR trucks as toys that they race in between heats to kill time, relax, and forget about how they just screwed up their previous buggy/truggy heat.

These trucks are received a much deserved hype, for they are cool, but will they become a prestigious racing class like 1/8 buggies are?
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Old 10-20-2008, 08:21 PM   #2
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i think the core classes both electric and soon to be nitro are very cool classes to watch and i soon will own the ae sc8 and hopefully race it next spring. as far as this class getting a magor spotlight i think its up to the manufacturers if the big companies come out with more choice then it will probley get pretty popular. also i think what has helped this class grow in the electric side is keeping it a stock spec class. i think that gave new comers some confidence that they to could show up to a club race and have good competitive stuff. as for nitro who knows what guide lines will be used its kinda hard to tell if a nitro engine has been modded bye looking at it from the outside. all in all i see this class growing but will it last? probley not i think it will be a fad just like the good ol monster trucks.
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Old 10-20-2008, 10:45 PM   #3
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It all depends on how long it stays on tv. But the realism will definitely sell to newcomers. There will be for sure a Caster Racing vs Team Associated class. I think that when that version hits the track, it will be a different story because it will be a class where the big boys go and where the dollars are unlimited. I can't wait personally. There will be so many options and there will be a lot of speed. I will be running a Caster electric one wherever I can....
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I think the 8th scale corr truck will develop faster than the electric because it will be incredibly easy for manufacturers to develop and sanctioning bodies to standardize 8th scale corr

For example, the only rules you would need to make an 8th scale corr class are:
1.) it has to be a truggy chassis with buggy everything else and
2.) a couple rules for tires (width and tread and what not).
3.) a semi scale truck body - no wing and try not to run that ugly ass robotronics body
( by the way what was robotronics thinking? They come so close to making the first sweet 8th scale corr truck and then they throw some retarded GI Joe/power ranger body on it) - anyway I digress

http://www.axialracing.com/ftp/press..._280_hires.jpg WTF!!!!

In fact, as soon as associated and proline start making 8th scale corr tires and wheels I wouldnt be surprised to see people jerry rigging losi 8ight, mugen, jammin and xray corr trucks with associated roll cages and bodies. We almost dont even need manufacturer support for this class or a sanctioning body - we can build them ourselves and have our own clubs enforce the 3 simple rules I just stated


Lets say AEs SC8 really takes off and people start wanting to race a class with them. If I were Juraj Hudy, I wouldnt try to make some POS rtr to compete with AE - I would just make a $120 conversion kit that include chassis, center cvas roll cage and body and wheels and tires ( bam - 808 corr truck) - EASY!! of course knowing xray this kit would probably have some over engineered ultra light titanium tidbit that would make it cost like $250 and make no one ever want to drive an SC8 again

electrics on the other hand might be trickier - because we are not talking about parts that are already being made (as with the truggy buggy hybrid) - they would have to be made from scratch which would incur a substantial cost and would be asking manufacturers to take on that cost while entering a market dominated by the slash. The only way I think the electric 10th scale corr class would take off is if a sanctioining body made a standardized set of rules for the class - that way manufacturers would know they could have a built in market with racers. - Instead of losi and AE each making theyre own version/size 10th/9th/11th scale corr truck and hope that theirs is the one that gets picked up as the official race size. - I feel like that is kinda what happened to mini off road - each manufacturer had their own size so the classes didnt really take of because each brand would have to be its own class. (crt.5, rc18t, losimint are not comparable).

In the end though NONE of what I say even matters at all to the powers that be because racers make up such a small share of the market. RTR is where the money is for the companies - not racers . so I bet they could care less whether their 10th scale corr is the one to be sanctioned as the race truck - they just care how many bashers have them under their christmas tree. Thats why I think 8th scale corr will be the only one to take off in terms of multiple manufacturers in one race class because we will be the ones to build the class and we will have the parts to do it


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Sure hope so...
I cut my own hair ☆
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Talking to the traxxas guys at the Ihobby Expo in Chicago Sunday traxxas is going to hold kind of there own type of nationals for the slash class. No real details as it is still something in the works but that would be really cool to be part of. I guess they are going to have a spec, mod/ brushless and stock class of them.
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Old 10-23-2008, 06:49 PM   #7
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Caster Racing is making a 1/8 scale corr truck as we speak. Body is done, now on to the bumpers, etc....will definitely be ready for the spring season.

I also know that a major tire manufacturer is working on replacement or upgrade wheels/tires.....

So there is one more manufacturer for sure that will be against the SC8.
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Old 10-23-2008, 07:12 PM   #8
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1/8 buggys with rule forever The sexiest vehicals made, period
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Originally Posted by easyryder View Post
1/8 buggys with rule forever The sexiest vehicals made, period
i wonder how many 10th scale gas truck racers said that same thing!!
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Maybe once there are about 5 models to choose from.
Team HRC Raceway - http://www.hrcraceway.ca/
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I'm pretty anxious to get into the CORR truck style racing.

I am hoping for a spec class which includes the standard block tires, replica KMC wheels, no lame wing, scale appearing body and max/min width and length. It is really about time that scale appearing cars return to the RC world.

It is also a chance for HUGE buggy exposure, given that an SC8 is 85-90 percent or so an RC8 RTR. It makes an easy transition into a racing class should the Short Course Truck class not be the cats meow we are hoping it to be.
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Old 10-24-2008, 08:03 AM   #12
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hey all: I think electric corr trucks are here to stay and as far as racing goes i'd keep the spec class the way it is for the newbie/less experienced driver,but maybe add a class that allows some motor,esc and other mods. As far as monster trucks go their time may be up as far as racing on a national level(roar) like 8th buggy and truggy are,but on a local/regional level they are still popular as is the ushra style side by side mt racing. Just my thoughts thanks
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Im just waiting for a couple more truck to come out before I buy one, but if nothing else is released by feb/march i'll be buying the SC8.
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I am sure that the pan car guys asked this same question years ago when Tamiya came out with the first "touring cars".

It is all going to depend on if anyone else makes a car like the Slash. If they do, if it fits into the same class that already exists for the slash all over the country it will be around for a while. As it sits now it will be around for a few years at most.

The key to this is the spec formula, the vast majority of people want to do this to have fun, and they don't want to spend a ton of cash to do it.

I am not sure that the AE offering is going to take off like some think it will, it is pretty expensive. At my last race I saw 6yr olds racing the traxxas car as well as guys that are very fast in 4wd mod buggy. That is the key to class growth, something that everyone can have fun with, and they look so cool running around the track, and they did pretty darn well also.
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The SC8 by AE will be around the same price as the RC8 RTR. The truck can not pull a higher price than that.
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