21-5K vs. 21-5K Tuned

  • Is there a big difference between the stock 21-5K and the Tuned version?
    I'm talking about the Novarossi Tuned version, not a modded version.
  • The only part difference is a reworked crankshaft and "tuned" lasered onto the cooling head.

    Only these 2 parts have a different part number;
    Like the 35 PLUS 21 crank. nr. is 85012 while the Tuned version caries the number 85012-T.

    the difference are the round edge turbo scoop on the shaft and a better matched piston/sleeve set.......

    the performance improvement is very small and hard to notice depending on driver skill..............and especially in offroad where engine power is not as important as it is in onroad classes.........

    both statements are copied from Novarossi website forum.....
  • + 1 . . . you won't notice much of a difference. Most motors nowadays are monsters when it comes to power band and this is one of them. It's a very smooth power band distribution which equates to less wheel spin, more traction and less fuel consumption.

    What matters most now is a quality engine that's reliable.

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