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The vspec is a good choice all in all. I run novarossi and rb engines but most people at my track either run the vspec or the speed. They always run good and dont seem to have any major issues. Ryan Cavalieri did poorly in many races this year because of engine troubles allegedly so IDK about the orion motor.
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First off the answer to the original question OS Speed would be my choice of the 3 you mentioned.

Then Hara used the new Speed engine there is no mystery about it. Updated carb and new lightened head are the differences.

I have the Ninja and I love it. Its not as strong on bottom as a V-Spec or Speed but its smooth and makes great power. I know I could probably get more bottom end from it using a smaller insert or 2050 pipe but right now I am very happy with its powerband using the 2060 and 8mm insert. The crank is DLC coated the case is really beefy and it comes with the newest OS carb all for $100 less than the Speed. The new version coming out soon will have a lightened head much like the new Speed head. If your not dead set on your original 3 choices the Ninja is a great choice.

Then I feel like there are alot of guys who report getting somewhat unreal amounts of fuel through their engines. I think if they are being truthfull the answer to why may be quite simple. I think these guys are running their engines quite rich which not only allows the engine to run longer but it burns much more fuel while it is running. I race at least twice a month often 3 or even 4 times and typically I use a gallon in 2-4 races. I went to a club race yesterday and in 2 qualifiers and the 20 minute main I used almost nothing. I went with 1/2 gallon and came home with about 1 inch less in the gallon jug. To burn 14 gallons in an engine that would probably be 2 full years running it with a good race tune on it.
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Little over a year for me & doing 7min a tank at race pace some times 20% & some times 30% either werks or original byrons with a jp-3 pipe,one of the thirstyest pipes I have used.Tuning issues started somewhere between 12-13 gal,just had to keep on the tune more than usual is all.
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Originally Posted by Megacrash View Post
Thanks to you all gents,

looks most likely to be a vspec im going for been offered a good deal on one by the shop i run for so thats swayed it a bit, also going to buy a speed crank from hk for it to. Just need that to arrive as well as the mbx6 and im ready to rock
frankly megacrash, you're better off buying the speed engine in the 1st place..
to get a std V-Spec and upgrading to the speed crank and conrod, you'll prob end up paying arnd $350??

for abt $50 more and you can get the speed which has the updated head and ceramic bearings and coated backplate etc..

my 2cents..

sidenote, does anyone know what servos hara used at the worlds?
i heard it was the bls352 with 18kg of torque! overkill i might say, then again what do i know rgt? he's the world champ..

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