KYOSHO MP9!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am very forwardly looking forward to the New Kyosho MP9, from which I understand is supposed to be out some time in September possibly. I am hoping to have a good setup under me with it before the R/C Pro Finals in Texas in November!

    Here are the latest pictures of the New Inferno MP9 Buggy:

    Kyosho have released new pictures of a prototype MP9, scheduled to be released around the time of the IFMAR World Championship this year. While complete information about the new buggy isn't available yet, what we do know is the car is the first all-new design since the introduction of the MP5, and it's got a number of features that will ensure ultimate performance. The engine has been moved much farther forward for better balance, a concept that first started with the Inferno 777 MP1. This allows much more aggressive performance, but unlike the MP1, the suspension geometry of the MP9 has been fully optimized through years of rigorous testing to take full advantage of the forward weight distribution. The suspension mounts feature captured hinge pins, as does the rest of the car, and changes to the suspension geometry are possible by simply repositioning the inserts without the need to change any parts. A new wing is mounted lower and features large reinforcing ribs to make the wing more durable. The wing no longer uses clips to hold it in place, it's securely bolted to the wing mount.

    The Big Bore shocks, which were originally developed for the MP9, have been available as an option on the previous MP777 but now they're standard equipment on this new machine. Additionally, the shocks will also include a special "Velvet" coating that ensures the smoothest operation of the shocks, and they're mounted as low as possible to minimize the center of gravity. The shocks are also mounted to new shock towers.

    The drivetrain of the MP has been completely optimized, reducing mass wherever possible, and making it more robust in other areas. The differential outdrives have been milled and cross-drilled to reduce weight without compromising durability. Super-lightweight chromoly steel driveshafts, previously available as an option, are also standard on the MP9, but even these have been modified to move the pivot point nearest to the center of the wheel. Unique wheels have even been developed for the MP9, which offer all the strength of a dish wheel, but feature holes large enough to prevent dirt from being trapped on the inside the wheel so optimum balance is maintained.

    The overall weight of the car has reportedly been reduced by hundreds of grams. The exact amount is undisclosed, but it's certainly going to be right at the weight limit depending on the equipment you choose. The reduced weight makes the car much more responsive, allowing higher speeds throughout the corners and it more nimble through the bumps and jumps. A significant amount of the weight low reportedly comes from the drivetrain, which has a profoundly positive impact on acceleration.

    There are many more details to be revealed of the MP9, but based on available information this car is shaping up to be a leader in the class. It's been developed extensively and every aspect of the chassis and drivetrain has been optimized to reduce weight and increase performance, all while maintaining Kyosho's legendary durability.

    Sounds like it's gonna be a SWEET Buggy! I for one can't wait, I already have one on Backorder!!!!!!!!!
  • There is already a thread on this car ..
  • Now there's two!
  • Quote: Sounds like it's gonna be a SWEET Buggy! I for one can't wait, I already have one on Backorder!!!!!!!!!
    I've had one on pre-order for about 2 months....and after getting back from the Kyosho Masters where we all got to have a look at the car and talk to the guys from Kyosho....I've got a second on pre-order as it appears sooo different to the current one and I doubt much (if anything other than shock bits) from my current car will carry forward......and I like having lots of spares!!
  • Jaf1977: I hear ya, I currently have 2 777 WC's in case I'm at a big race & break something the local Hobby Shop may not have! I too like to have plenty of spare parts! Do you know or have you heard when they are supposed to come out? The place I put mine on Backorder said some time in September, near the 2008 IFMAR World Championship (Sept. 15-21). Hope I can get a good setup prior to RC Pro Series Final!
  • Not sure - initial timescales were July/August.....

    Now it sounds like around/after the Worlds
  • Cool, yeah the Worlds is the time frame I'm hearing! Thanks Man, and if you hear anything different, PLEASE keep me informed!!!!
  • Looky Here, looky Here!!! Some Pics of the MP9 TOPLESS!!! (The Pics are to the right so you'll have to manually pan over with your mouse or keyboard)!!! It looks Very Different, I think I like what I see!
  • Let's keep the discussion in one thread. It's counter-productive to have two separate conversations.

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