8ight owners, How often do you replace your diff cases?

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  • Im asking you this as I am polishing my new hudy steel drives
  • Hmm, I didnt think about that, but I try to roll corners vs point and shoot. Ill have to check the pin wear direction to see if it is from breaking or acceleration stress. Most likely from breaking as there is MUCH more torque there than from an engine.

    You just had to didnt you Powerlink....mmm 808.
  • you should not have to change you driving style. your diffs should last period. It looks like Losi has had a bad string of plastic lately (fuel tanks.....). You might want to go to the HD cases.

    Just about everybody else, me included, have had no problems with diffs at all, do it sounds kinda weird that your going through them so quickly.
  • I want to point out to any readers of this thread, that my experiences with diff failure are very uncommon compared to the majority of 8ight owners. One will always be able to find more users posting about problems than users posting about nothing wrong.

    Even so, the HD diffs will fix the problems that some have been having, which is a VERY cheap fix.
  • Sounds like my LST I raced a few years ago. Almost Every race day I would have to replace the rear diff case. Or every other race day. Total pain in the azz. I'm glad to see 4 years later they finally found a fix for it. When I first got my 8 I was like " Nice" same cheap H.H. diff cases as my LST and Sportwerks. Lucky for me Ive only had to replace a few rear cases in a couple of years on the 8 . I once asked Jeremy Felles if he had as much trouble as I did and he said he considers the cases consumables and replaces them often.
  • I bought my 8ight in july 07. In december I replaced the center diff cup and the front and rear were fine. This was at the 2 gallon point. The center diff only lasted about 1 gallon, but the front and rear are still like new.

    I think losi did have a bad batch of diff cases with soft material that wore out quickly. I put a HD center case in and the front and rear are still the originals and look great.

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