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cherokee 04-18-2008 07:50 AM

Engine problems
I have had an 1/8 buggy stored for about 8years...just sitting in my rafters in the bacement. I decided to get it down and the engine looked to be locked up. Turns out that the after run oil I put in had turned into goop that locked the engine tight. I removed the back cover and cleaned it out with brakekleen and carb cleaner, the engine turns fine now.

After a new glow plug the engine fires right up and idles great, works great till you get to about 1/4 throttle then it will die. Does not matter if there is a load on the engine or not. I did not clean the carb on the engine at all.

Any Ideas?

clarksib 04-18-2008 08:30 AM

Most likely your tune is off however, there are many tiny peices in the engine that can become clogged easily. The con rod should have a little pinhole to help lube the bushing on the end that connects to the crankshaft. Also all of the little pieces in the carb. I would tear the entire engine down, clean and lube everything with a SMALL coating of after run oil. Also check your bearings while doing this. Then assuming everything including the bearings are cleaned, relubed and put back together with fresh glowplug fuel lines and filter, you should be fine.

clarksib 04-18-2008 08:32 AM

In addition after 8 years the o-rings are most likely wrecked on the engine's backplate and carb. even a very tiny crack can turn into an air leak. If you cant get ahold of new o-rings get permatex gasket searler from you local auto dealer or the racers edge sealant offline and seal the engine.

Hope all this helps.

Good luck

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