GS Racing ( Avenger )

  • R there any avenger owners in here. What is a good motor that has a lot of power but is not that expensive.
  • Go 5port or 3 port get the turbo there fast,great mileage and great price.
  • is it good for long str8away. i also like to dragrace my buggy
  • 7 port has more top end.If you want more top get the 7 port turbo if you want alot of bottom get the 5 port turbo and if you want smooth bottom and good top get the 3 port spec turbo.
  • ok about what is the price and where can i find these motors
  • Prices are around 180-215 Check or
  • You need an onroad motor for top speed runs. All the motors mentioned are offroad and have no ceramic bearings.
  • You can add Ceramics for 35 dollars.Easy pop in oven for 20min on 350 it really works.
  • Guys, I am not sure that the Go Motors is what that guy wants. I like the Go's, but he is looking to drag race his buggy. He has several other post asking the same question in different ways. I think he just wants hardcore linear acceleration.

    Personally, if your into drag racing offroad vehicles, I know that alot of people drag race the Jato trucks because they are light and have a two speed. Maybe you should consider one of those. But if you determined to drag race your buggy, your gonna need an engine capable of that kind of torture and to lighten your vehicle big time which will make it weaker.
  • sorry, site hung up, double post.
  • so i guess i need to get another nitro car basically a on road car. cause the buggy is to heavy
  • Yeah if all you plan on doing is drag racing.

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