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ulrichcapri 03-04-2008 04:19 PM

rc8-top/bottom plate issue's
hello my fellow nitro freak's,i'm having a bad break issue with top-bottom plates on my rc8 and i'm getting know help from a/e..I have been racing this winter at FTR indoor track at highland michigan,,owned by the great pro racer allan horne..nice track blue groove clay and some triple and a Quad..I have broken 5 plates even the upgraded package..I'm a freak with setting my car up..running the crcr set up. the front diff must be moving when i land a big jump..this is the only way I see it breaking..I went to alum-chassie braces thinking this would cure my issues, but last sunday in the main, i was kicking butt and landed Quad jump and the marshall picked my car up and waved the dreaded throat slash signal..I was pissed..I broke another bottom plate..Im also using a kings top plate..I e-mailed a/e and spoke to them all they say is send the broken parts,,I have thousands of dollar's invested in parts to support summer race season,but this getting bad..My buddies run losi's, there diff design is rock solid..diff goes through bottom belly pan..there is know movement..Is any one else that races rc8 having issues..I have tryed boiling plates and they break even easier..I land nose heavy some time but so is everyone else--they dont break..I will stick with rc8,,cause i'm learning to set this rig up..but if i get took out of one more main I may think different..any idea's will help me out..should I go back to stock chassie brace ? it seem's to flex more in the center with alum- braces than it did with stock..All the tracks are like supercross motto tracks now..I cant pussy this car around..But i need faith that this car wont break when I land a big jump,,I cant be the only guy out there that is going nut's with this..allot of guy's I race with are going with other brand just because of the breakage issue's HELP !!!! capri

petevette 03-04-2008 07:02 PM

The only thing I break on my RC8 is the rear hinge pin popping out. Of course, I don't have a triple or a quad so my car is taking less abuse. Seems like you have done all the right things, maybe those jumps are just to much for the design. Are you landing on the landing side of the jump or you over shooting and landing on the flat surface?

ulrichcapri 03-05-2008 04:15 AM

half the time I land flat---but level...car is set up well she does not pop when i lant flat---shocks are holding up well,,,cause we all know the shock issue's rc8 has...but my car is set up good.

Shane Racer 03-05-2008 04:32 AM

I have broken a couple top and bottom plates but they were very hard crashes. AE has a new aluminum plate comming out this month that will fix that problem


ehartman_49348 03-05-2008 05:06 AM

I race my RC8 at the same track as capri does, but I have not broken a single bottom top plate (several top plates though...). We've compared our setups and they are pretty close, so that is not it. I have flat landed, nose landed and all the stuff you shouldn't do off of that quad as well without breaking anything...

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