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Old 02-28-2008, 11:51 PM   #1
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Default Ok.... The question! not to start a war...

I called my local hobby shop (I used to race B3's ) and I wanted to know what 10th scale buggy I should buy losi or AE. I was told that 10th scale was all but dead (in my area) and that 8th scale 4wd buggies and truggies were the new scene. So you know my next question.... What to buy I want to be very competitive money is not really a problem. What kit, radio and engine should I take the plunge with. I want to buy a buggy so sorry truggie fans. I used to run Futaba gear but what engine and kit to buy. I want precise handling and easy to fix with not a lot of extras needed (but I like to add on after market hop ups any how, who doesn't). So best radio, best kit and best engine available today is the question and please don't get mad at me for starting a war. If every one says get a Ofna and I go to the track and I am the only one using it and I get owned then I will be up set.

Love the site!
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Old 02-28-2008, 11:58 PM   #2
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They're all really good and hard to choose, I run a Losi 8T truggy. I would still get a 1/10 buggy or truck, to keep reflexes sharp and help handle slick tracks. If you can drive a 2wd buggy or truck, you can drive anything
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Old 02-29-2008, 12:47 AM   #3
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Radios: go to the track or LHS and hold them, what feels the most comfortable to you. The top choices are Futaba 3PKS and 4PK (if that is out yet), JR Z-1, and Airtronics M11.

Buggies: same thing, check them out at the track and LHS. Download the manual to see what design elements you like or do not like. Top kits are the Mugen MBX5R, Losi 8ight, Xray EC, the soon to be released Xray 808 (which I have on preorder ) Jammin X1 CR FTE, Associated RC8 and Kyosho 777 WC.

Engines: buy cheap for now because you will probably ruin your first engine or two if you are new to nitro. Brands to look into for racing will be:

RB Products: S series engines are cheaper, but still hold with the big boys, don't discount them because of their price. The WS7III and C6 are RBs flagship engines, of which I have used both, both rock, but dang I do love my C6, however I am torn to get the WS7III again...SOLID engines that last, and are easy to tune. I recommend both long and short headers and a 2045 pipe.

OS V-Spec: probably the most popular engine in the states. Match it with a 2060 pipe or a JP3.

Novarossi: damn good engines, however I have not paid much attention to these just because the styling does not appeal to me. These are considered the cream of the crop.

Picco P7R Evo II: Never ran it, but I would compare it to the C6. Its cheap also which is nice. I can't recommend a specific pipe for this.

Of these engines, these are the ones I will try or buy for myself, and what just about every pro runs... The new GRP line looks tantalizing also, but is not yet released to the general public quite yet.

Servos: Futaba, Ko Propo, JR, Ace, Airtronics.... I recommend 120oz /in or more of torque and a minimum speed of .10 for both servo duties.
I use the Futaba BLS451 which is a brushless digital servo, 147oz/ in of torque and rated at .10 second transit speed.

Go to the track and see what people run. Take note of the guys that always seem to have their engine running well. Ask them for advice. Buy a kit that several guys run.
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Can't get much better advice than that.
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Well lets see
I like the KO PROPO radio there really easy to use more than the others.
OCM KAOS DT-19 EVO for the price you seriously cannot beat the car.
Engine-again for the price and power you cannot beat the Go tech 5 port turbo its a little beast.Servo's I like the KO's but there pricie I'd either get the Airtronics Rock Crushers if your on a budget but if not get the Ko Propo ultra high torque.

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Old 02-29-2008, 06:49 AM   #6
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Rezen and others are giving good advice.

Go to your local track and see what folks are running. See what kits are 'working', but keep in mind that 90% of it is driver and setup skillz.

Check out the Hyper 8.5 and ST (Truggy). One of the best bangs for your buck out there.

The new Xray 808 (Buggy) looks like it could be the real deal too.

Make some friends at your local track and try to finagle a few laps with different buggies/truggies, then you can get a feel for different kits.

Go-Tech motors give great bang for your buck. I'm a Novarossi guy, ever since my first modded P5. I've a P5X that is still going strong after 11+ gallons. I picked up a PLUS 21-5K with only a quart into it b/c I figured my trusty P5X would be clapped out in a few more gallons. I've just brokin' in this motor and it is becoming more of a 'beast' each run I have (JP-3 Pipe). People've been commenting and asking. It has silky smooth power delivery (Linear) and putting down tons of it!

Turning out to be the best motor I've ran.

There are a lot of great motors out there, but Novarossi' mills seem to last forever. I think they've gotten past the bearing issues they had a few months back...

Get what strikes your fancy.
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Alot of good advice here on this thread. I just like to stress that running something popular at your track and LHS is extremely important for parts and set up help not to mention having to borrow a part of two when racing at local club races. Hang out at the track and talk to people, see what is running well and narrow it down to three. Come back to this forum and tell us what you like and we will try to give you the pro's and con's of each. Good luck!
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Old 02-29-2008, 10:12 AM   #8
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The new Xray 808 would be a great choice to get into the hobby with, because xray stuff doesnt usually need any hop ups, and its tuff as nails. For an engine anything novarossi is good, an RB WS7III is pretty reliable and easy to tune.
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Some good advice above. Check out the local track and see what everyone else is running and if you use a LHS what they stock parts for.

For the motor, I agree if you are not used to nitro, get something cheap to learn with. Since you said money is no object, you might just want to pick up two motors such as a cheap OS VG to club race and play with and then a OS V-Spec for the bigger races or when you get better at tuning.

Best of luck,
Tony P.

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IF money isnt a problem this is what i would buy

Futabe 4pk (i use spektrum, but i kinda wish i didnt at times)

Odonnell buggy is looking VERY GOOD. But i would get an Xray 808 probably.

Engine, eh i dunno on that one. I run GO TECH cause its the BEST bang for the buck in my opinion.

I run 1/10th mod truck mostly. But i have a jammin CRT i run when I can.

I Would probably run nitro more then electric but at the moment there isnt a nitro track near by so i only run it once a month.

FOR 1/10th i use a XXX T MF2 brushless and lipo... ITS fun.
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I agree with everything on this thread, but I am an odd ball. I prefer the jammin series.

I have been running my x1-cr FTE for almost 3 years, and the only parts that I have replaced were the top plate and a couple of arms and the shock seals. I just picked up a used CRT from ebay, and have made a couple if changes to it since it was an rtr originally, but the pro kit is just as good as any other pro kit.

I also like the Ninja engines, but the ones from GRP just got discontinued. Ask around your local track, I'm sure there is a collective of a certian engine that works for the different classes.

Just remember to have fun with whatever you choose.
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#1... Get something you can readily get parts for, so that you don't have to pull a trailer filled with spares. Nothing worse than breaking and not being able to get a part at the track.

#2... Get something others at your track are running, so that you can get helpful setup tips to make your buggy perform better.

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I am a big fan of losi stuff so i will say get the losi 8ight, but the new xray 808 looks really sweet!!!

For motor gow with a trintiy drake .21. Or go with any ,21 that you local shop has. See what they run at your track, >21 engines are the legal motor for 1/8 buggy
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