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Exclamation MOTORAMA '08

Just in case you did not know, Feb 15, 2008 there will be a HUGE Indoor Ofroad race in Harriburg, PA at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex. The name of the event is call MOTORAMA.

It's been around for a while mainly for the Motocross, 4wheelers, Go-Karts,Import Show cars, Vintage Show cars and ohh yeah who could forget the Bikini Contest. A few years ago RC was raced there on a small scale only with gas and electric stadium trucks. But thank's to the Guys at TQ Fuel the resurrection of RC Racing is back. Last year was huge hump for them to clear and mistakes were made and issues had come about but they were able to work through and make it back for a second try. I remember that there was a thread started a while ago but it seemed to be little interest. Well I just wanted to try to spark a little interest again and let every one know that this is going to be one of those race to talk about. Just in case your wondering "How many people are going to show afte every one talked so bad about last year?" Well here is the entry list:

FullName Class
Aaron Joyce 1-8th Buggy
Aaron Joyce 1-8th Truggy
Al Jones 1-8th Buggy
Allen Cooper 1-8th Truggy
Allen R, Ruble Jr. 1-8th Truggy
Andrew Philippe 1-8th Buggy
Andrew Philippe 1-8th Truggy
Angelo DAlessandro 1-8th Buggy
Angelo DAlessandro 1-8th Truggy
Anthony Mazzara 1-8th Buggy
Anthony Mazzara 1-8th Truggy
Anthony Mazzara Monster Truck
Anthony Wilkins 1-8th Buggy
Art Boyer 1-8th Buggy
Art Boyer 1-8th Truggy
BJ Irving 1-8th Buggy
BJ Irving 1-8th Truggy
Barry Pettit 1-8th Buggy
Barry Pettit 1-8th Truggy
Barry Senior 1-8th Buggy
Ben Wheeler 1-8th Buggy
Ben Wheeler 1-8th Truggy
Berrick Fedor 1-8th Truggy
Bill Lamoreaux 1-8th Buggy
Blake Whitehead 1-8th Buggy
Blake Whitehead 1-8th Truggy
Bless 1-8th Buggy
Bless 1-8th Truggy
Bob Chartos 1-8th Buggy
Bob Chartos 1-8th Truggy
Bob Moore 1-8th Truggy
Brandon Melton 1-8th Buggy
Brandon Updegraff 1-8th Buggy
Brian Ingram 1-8th Buggy
Brian Miskolczi 1-8th Buggy
Brian Miskolczi 1-8th Truggy
Bryan Winn 1-8th Buggy
Bryan Winn 1-8th Truggy
Bryant G. Gorrell 1-8th Buggy
CJ Gorrell Monster Truck
Carson Cooper 1-8th Buggy
Chad Greathouse 1-8th Buggy
Chad Greathouse 1-8th Truggy
Chad Phillips 1-8th Buggy
Chris Crews 1-8th Buggy
Chris Pace 1-8th Buggy
Chris Perry 1-8th Buggy
Chris Perry 1-8th Truggy
Claude Neptune 1-8th Truggy
Curtis Woodyard 1-8th Buggy
Curtis Woodyard 1-8th Truggy
Dan Gomez 1-8th Buggy
Dan Moss 1-8th Truggy
Dan Ross 1-8th Buggy
Dan Ross 1-8th Truggy
Darrell Gray 1-8th Buggy
David Alfree 1-8th Truggy
David Lindbert 1-8th Buggy
David Lindbert 1-8th Truggy
David M. Niday 1-8th Truggy
David Najam 1-8th Buggy
David Schultz 1-8th Truggy
Dean Fasnacht 1-8th Buggy
Dean Fasnacht 1-8th Truggy
Dennis Conway Monster Truck
Dillion Dyer Monster Truck
Dominic McDonald 1-8th Buggy
Ed Anderson 1-8th Truggy
Ed Bridges 1-8th Buggy
Ed Chapman 1-8th Buggy
Edgar Hilton 1-8th Buggy
Eon Tiwari 1-8th Buggy
Eon Tiwari Monster Truck
Esteban Baquero 1-8th Buggy
Esteban Baquero 1-8th Truggy
Frank Calandra 1-8th Buggy
Gabe Glatfelter 1-8th Buggy
Gabe Glatfelter 1-8th Truggy
Gary Kosits 1-8th Buggy
Gary Kosits 1-8th Truggy
Gary S. Kelley Sr. 1-8th Buggy
Gentry Maddox 1-8th Buggy
Gerald Henderson 1-8th Buggy
Gerald Thornton 1-8th Truggy
Greg Vogel 1-8th Buggy
Greg Vogel Monster Truck
Howard Kimley Monster Truck
JT Moss 1-8th Truggy
Jack Bonhomme 1-8th Buggy
Jack Bonhomme Monster Truck
James Dolly 1-8th Truggy
Jason Miller 1-8th Buggy
Jason Miller 1-8th Truggy
Jason Mowery 1-8th Buggy
Jay Miller 1-8th Buggy
Jeff Kerns 1-8th Buggy
Jeremy Whitcraft 1-8th Truggy
Jerome W. McCalla 1-8th Buggy
Jerome W. McCalla 1-8th Truggy
Jesse Bright Monster Truck
Jim Darrach 1-8th Truggy
Joe Alessi 1-8th Buggy
Joe Alessi 1-8th Truggy
Joe Bondurant 1-8th Truggy
Joe Wojciechowski 1-8th Buggy
Joe Wojciechowski 1-8th Truggy
Joe Wutke 1-8th Truggy
Joey Dunlap 1-8th Buggy
John Chapman 1-8th Buggy
John Hirneisen 1-8th Truggy
John M. Henriques Monster Truck
John McIntire Jr. 1-8th Buggy
John Perna 1-8th Truggy
John Skocik 1-8th Truggy
John Sorrentino 1-8th Buggy
Jon Dixon 1-8th Truggy
Jon Dixon Monster Truck
Jonathan L. Woodyard 1-8th Truggy
Josh Cooper 1-8th Buggy
Josh Knight 1-8th Buggy
Josh Knight 1-8th Truggy
Justin Dyer 1-8th Buggy
Kelby Roberts 1-8th Buggy
Kelby Roberts 1-8th Truggy
Ken Deline 1-8th Buggy
Kevin Boyle 1-8th Buggy
Kijana Crighton Monster Truck
Kurt Busch 1-8th Truggy
Kyle Williams 1-8th Buggy
Larry Fairtrace 1-8th Buggy
Larry Hileman 1-8th Buggy
Luther Griffen 1-8th Buggy
Luther Griffen 1-8th Truggy
Mark Christman 1-8th Buggy
Mark Christman 1-8th Truggy
Mark Cordeiro Monster Truck
Mark Dixon 1-8th Truggy
Mark Dixon Monster Truck
Mark Fanelli 1-8th Buggy
Mark Fanelli 1-8th Truggy
Mark Hixenbaugh 1-8th Truggy
Mark Hopcraft 1-8th Truggy
Mark Kimley 1-8th Buggy
Mark Kimley 1-8th Truggy
Mark Sommerville 1-8th Buggy
Mark Sommerville 1-8th Truggy
Matthew Ciechowski 1-8th Buggy
Michael Emig 1-8th Buggy
Michael Giorgi 1-8th Buggy
Michael Giorgi 1-8th Truggy
Michael Jackson 1-8th Truggy
Michael Spiece Monster Truck
Mike Battaile 1-8th Buggy
Mike Battaile 1-8th Truggy
Mike Battaile Monster Truck
Mike Burton 1-8th Buggy
Mike Burton 1-8th Truggy
Mike Coreia 1-8th Buggy
Mike Coreia 1-8th Truggy
Mike McGhee 1-8th Buggy
Mike Younger 1-8th Truggy
Mitch Moore 1-8th Buggy
Neil Dickey 1-8th Buggy
Neil Dickey Monster Truck
Paul McDonald 1-8th Buggy
Paul Snyder 1-8th Truggy
Pete Worth 1-8th Buggy
Pete Worth 1-8th Truggy
Phil Sanders 1-8th Buggy
Phil Sanders 1-8th Truggy
Richard Sains 1-8th Buggy
Richard Sains Monster Truck
Richie Hartman 1-8th Buggy
Richie Hartman 1-8th Truggy
Rick Briggs 1-8th Truggy
Robert Duncan 1-8th Buggy
Robert Duncan 1-8th Truggy
Robert Hahn Jr. 1-8th Truggy
Robert Regl Monster Truck
Robert Russell 1-8th Buggy
Ronald Kuczuk 1-8th Buggy
Ronnie Miller 1-8th Buggy
Ronnie Miller 1-8th Truggy
Ronnie Miller Monster Truck
Rosheen McFadden 1-8th Buggy
Rosheen McFadden 1-8th Truggy
Sabatier Jean 1-8th Buggy
Scot Stoffer 1-8th Buggy
Scott Fantini 1-8th Buggy
Scott Fantini 1-8th Truggy
Sean Gilligan 1-8th Buggy
Sean Gilligan 1-8th Truggy
Seth Wrobel 1-8th Truggy
Shane Sprinkle 1-8th Buggy
Shane Sprinkle 1-8th Truggy
Shawn R. Warnick 1-8th Truggy
Stephen Maizer 1-8th Buggy
Stephen Maizer 1-8th Truggy
Stephen Sanhuk 1-8th Truggy
Steve Jean Charles 1-8th Buggy
Steve Slayden Monster Truck
Steve Thayer 1-8th Buggy
Steve Wood 1-8th Buggy
Steve Wood 1-8th Truggy
Steve Wood Monster Truck
Steve Woodyard 1-8th Truggy
Terry Miller 1-8th Buggy
Tim Findle 1-8th Buggy
Tim Powers 1-8th Buggy
Todd Waite 1-8th Truggy
Tom Dietz 1-8th Truggy
Tom Ulmer 1-8th Buggy
Tony Heckman Monster Truck
Tony West 1-8th Buggy
Tony West 1-8th Truggy
Travis Hale 1-8th Buggy
Trey Daiger 1-8th Buggy
Trey Daiger 1-8th Truggy
Tucker Nance 1-8th Buggy
Tyler Shane 1-8th Buggy
Vince Barrett 1-8th Buggy
Vince Stewart 1-8th Buggy
Vince Stewart 1-8th Truggy
Wade Price 1-8th Buggy
Wayne Miller 1-8th Buggy
Zach Ziller 1-8th Buggy

And that only the Pre-Entries

More to come.
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