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  • Here is the new XRAY buggy, looks tasty!

  • I've already dubbed it in another thread, the Slovakian Losi, or SLOSI for short

    The Losi falls short in quality, this is where the Xray shines.
  • Ive always wanted an Xray, and I told myself Id get the next upgrade after the here goes! Anyone want my Losi?
  • the car looks mad

    when does it go sale?
  • looks awesome
    wonder how the shock towers will hold up after a few crashes LOL!!
  • that buggy will be hard to bet i wont one
  • Why'd they go with CF towers?

    Oh anf I hope everybody and their momma don't go out to buy this like they did for the Losi because I want one of these.
  • 439 grams lighter.
  • Quote: 439 grams lighter.
    Thats one high number. Unless Xray used some lead/aluminum alloy in the shock towers are something, you might what to check that. I compared Kyosho carbon SP2 shock towers to stock WC ones and they are no where close to 50 grams difference in weight for both.
  • Old car 2308 grams- new car 1869 grams = 439 grams
  • OH, ok, total weight. Since the previous post was about the CF shock towers, it threw me off. I guess they shaved about the weight of an .21 engine basically

    seems ready to me...

    real pity parts are so losi-a
    I was used to some originality by Xray..

    all details here

  • Wow... if this handles and turns like a Losi, but with Xray quality... the bar has been raised!

    I may have to have one of these!
  • almost a pound lighter!


    When is it available?
  • It sure does look like Losi-ish with mugen style radio tray. It seems now a days, all new buggies are like someone elses design.

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