Servo Question

  • My HPI Firestorm has SF-1 Servos in it.
    I have some Futaba S3004 servo's and was wondering if it would be good to use an S3004 in place of the SF-1 for Steering.

    I know there are better servo's to get for this, but I just want to know if the S3004 is that much better than the SF-1 to make it worth it to switch?

  • This servo sucks for anything.

    I don't know the specs for the HPI servo so I can't compare them.
  • futaba servo

    Speed: .23 sec/60 @ 4.8V
    .19 sec/60 @ 6.0V
    Torque: 44 oz-in (3.2 kg-cm) at 4.8V
    57 oz-in (4.1 kg-cm) at 6.0V

    the sf-1 says standard,, this i guess is something like 42 oz-in and .23 speed

    honesty i would want something stronger metal geared on steering but those will work for a little while
  • Switching between the sf1 and the s3004 wouldn't even make a noticeable difference. So it wouldn't even be worth switching. Like the other guys said, get a metal geared servo. You can get them really cheap, a good, cheap servo is the JR 590M, they are only like $40 with a 3 year warranty.
  • Alright thanks, I'll be getting a better servo then eventually.

    I also have an Airtronics 94102.
    Which is 50 oz-in and .22 speed, but I guess 8oz won't make much of a difference either?

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