O.S. Pipe Question

  • what is the difference between the o.s. 2050 and o.s. 2060? which one should i get? i'm running the standard o.s. v-spec in a losi truggy. currently i am using the jp-3 and 30% nitro. i also have the jp-1 in my toolbox. my local track is pretty small with tight turns and few small jumps and one tripple jump. straightaway is about 50 ft long. thanks in advance.
  • 50 foot straight!?!?!?!? That is simply a section of the track without turns! Anyway 2050=torque 2060=rpm. A lot of people I race with use the 2050 on a variety of motors and are very happy with them. The difference in actual top end speed isn't extremely large but the 2050 will give much better response on the bottom end better suited for a truggy.
  • It is also about traction. If the track is hard to negotiate due to traction the 2060 will tone down the motor more giving you a smoother power band.
    You could always just go with a short OS header on your JP-3. It will tone down the bottom end snap which could give you faster lap times overall. I recommend this for the short track we race on and all the guys seem to love it. It is also a lot cheaper.
    Just find you a short square header. It is like having a new set of pipes.

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