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Exclamation newbies and their first races 1/8 and 1/10 scale

thank you for anything
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My advice if you are about to start nitro racing would be to have a partner of some type with you. When I first started I did not realize how valuable a pit person is for this hobby. So get one your buddies to get into the hobby with you. And also be patient because the first couple of months will be frustrating until you get all your skills down such as tuning and maintenance.
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Yea frustrating it is, but most people at least the people I met are willing to help you if you ask.
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The main thing I remember when I started was always thinking the track sucked for traction or my setup sucked and didn't help with traction. Reality is my trigger finger and brain sucked for knowing when to be on and off the gas. Slow down before the corner not once you're in it. Don't pull it until your wheels are pointed straight. And still don't PULL IT, be gradual about it. Takes a long time to be able to control the cars decently when you put two pipes that make a lane!! Basically what that boils down to is you need practice driving on a track not in a ball diamond. And the more you get the faster you'll see improvement on raceday.

The biggest thing I learned on my first raceday..?? Showing up to your first race and using a pullstart sucks. Nothing worse than the tone going off for your first qual and you're still tugging that nasty little rope in the pits!!
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Send a message via AIM to cheesecake

be prepared get there early and ,make sure you have a charger to charge up your reciever packs because by the time the mains come your reciever pack is toast for the day.
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Also make sure you have spare parts, a-arms, shock towers, steering blocks, etc,etc. Oh yeah and extra AA batteries for your transmitter. It also helps to have spare crystals for your radio if you don't run specktrum. You'll want to get all the practice time you can before you race.
And the main thing is just relax and have fun. A bad day at the race track is better than any day at work.
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Old 11-02-2007, 01:30 PM   #7
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I posted this bit in the OFNA forum a while back, and it applies here - and not 'just' to newbs...

You can break in your motor at the track. This is probably a good scenario for a newb racer. It's also good to have experienced engine tuners around to supervise your engine break-in and tuning. There's usually one or two 'experts' around willing to help you at any track... Thank them profusely and buy them a soda or something afterwards... Return the favor to another newb later on down the road when you're the 'Expert'...

Newbs tend to go out to the track and just keep the throttle 'pinned' thinking that's how its done. It isn't, and "yes", I did the same thing when I started with my LX Comp on the track.

What I'm getting at is that you want to break in your motor properly, no? That means no zingin' the motor for the first couple of tanks, and no excessive revs until after a gallon or so. If you stick to this while circulating the track, you'll be killing two birds with one Hyper 8.5.

You'll be going slow enough to 'learn' the track better - as a newb. You'll also see that slow speed is actually the fastest way through the tight technical sections.

Even when the engine is broken in, you'll want to dial up the speed slowly and incrementally, keeping mental notes on when you've figured out the proper speed for a certain section of the track. Once you've figured out the proper speeds for each section of the track, knock 10% of the speed off all sections again start stringing together the sections. This is the start of putting together a perfect lap. If you find yourself screwing up or crashing more than once a lap, slow it down by 20% for the next lap, then incrementally dial in more speed on each successive lap 'till you're back to 'YOUR' perfect lap race pace (This is different for every driver and/or skill level).

Everyone gather 'round. Hold hands and repeat after me, "SMOOTH IS FAST...", "SMOOTH IS FAST...", "SMOOTH IS FAST...", "SMOOTH IS FAST...", "SMOOTH IS FAST..."...

Now say this with a wry grin on your mug like you know a secret that know one else knows, "SMOOTH LOOKS SLOW, BUT IT AIN'T...", "SMOOTH LOOKS SLOW, BUT IT AIN'T...", "SMOOTH LOOKS SLOW, BUT IT AIN'T...", "SMOOTH LOOKS SLOW, BUT IT AIN'T...", "SMOOTH LOOKS SLOW, BUT IT AIN'T...", "SMOOTH LOOKS SLOW, BUT IT AIN'T..."...


Don't let your competitive drive get the better of your judgement. You are a new racer and you are supposed to be slow. You aren't special. You don't have any mad RC piloting skillz that no one knows about. You aren't 'The Chosen One'!

Got it?

I actually try to say stuff like this to myself before taking the driver's stand and before the start of the race... It does work if I remember to do it. I also race motorcycles on road course or circuit tracks. I learned this stuff there first, but it applies equally well to RC racing, the only thing really different is if you 'Bin your RC ride, generally you have zero chance of dying or paralysis... Not so much so with the racebikes...


The guy/girl in front of you will make a mistake. Stay close enough to him that he knows you're as fast or faster than him/her. Hopefully, if he/she knows you're faster, he/she'll demonstrate proper etiquette and let you pass. If not, your proximity will pressure him/her into making a mistake. You need to be in control when this mistake occurs - and it will, especially at club races... The hyper 8.5 is an agile beast. You should have no problem capitalizing on his/her mistakes IF you are in control and anticipating the mistake...

I've found that an added benefit of following someone and trying to anticipate their mistakes is that YOU tend to run faster with seemingly less mental effort. I think it's because you are following someone and can see everything they are doing and steal what line/technique works better than whatever you were using in that section. Then you know where you are stronger in terms of areas of the track. Try to pounce in the sections where you're stronger, depending, of course, on whether or not you've the time left in the race to wait for his or her mistake to occur...

If you've ever watched MotoGP racing over the last few years, Valentino Rossi (Best MotoGP racer EVAR!) has got this down to a science...

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Yes you need a pit buddie and just have fun and learn from others they are always willing to help out the newbies
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Another thing that a lot of people overlook is: Marshall when it is your turn to marshall! In addition to that: Pay attention to your section while you are marshalling and not to the race that is going on. Other drivers will appreciate it if you marshall quickly to keep them going! And while I am talking about marshalling: if you are racing and you flip your car, DO NOT REV your engine until the marshall has put your car back on 4 wheels! You can blip the engine to keep it running, as long as the wheels are not spinning like crazy!

While you are at your first race, pay attention to the announcer, go to the drivers meeting, ask questions! During your race, try to relax and focus on your car and have fun!
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To add to what Edwin said, when you zing the throttle while someone is marshalling you, you are throwing dirt covered with nitro residue into their eyes and mouth, which I'm pretty sure pisses most marshall's off (I know it does when I'm doing it).

So, if you don't want the marshall to standby and wait until you're done wailing on the throttle or your buggy dies, LAY OFF THE THROTTLE!

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Old 11-06-2007, 10:04 AM   #11
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And dont do the throttle stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, thing. Its annoying, shows who the slower drivers are and wont help with driving. Roll the throttle, like a bike.
Thats right!
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