Cost of a used Jato?

  • What is a used Jato in Excellent condition worth that was used twice. It was never raced and still has parts in the package? Thanks
  • 2.5 im assuming, 280 to start off and if you have to lower it then gradually lower it to 200 at the LOWEST
  • it has been used twice, but has it been ran in? may sound a stupid question but some people don't break it in, run it a couple of times and it doesn't start, so they flog it quick. if the engien is dead it puts the value down a bit.
  • Sorry it is the 3.3 jato and it was broke in via the Traxxas instruction manual. My wife said it is to loud for our neighborhood. Thanks for the info.
  • Watch ebay and see what they are going for. That's the only real way to know. I always figure cost of selling use is half the new price.

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