• hi i have an 1/8th scale nitro buggy and i want to make it quiker,what does 21,28 engine mean,what do the numbers stand for,is it the higher u go the more powerfull???
  • 21 and 28 are the sizes of the engine. A 21 is the biggest race legal buggy engine. A 28 is a bigger engine (the block is the same size it's just bored out more internally). Typically a 28 will put out a little more torque but a 21 will be slightly faster RPM and higher fuel effeciency.
  • cheers,so iam better sticking to the 21 engine that i have thenow
  • If your racing, yes. Maybe get a different one that's more powerful but if your asking these questions, you probably haven't been doing it long so stick with what you have until it needs to be changed.

    As for parts, like you pm'd me about, is a great place to start.