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  • http://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/U4x4CH
  • Quote: Kev, I was looking at your setup a little. Couple questions just out of curiosity...

    why do you run 3deg neg camber in rear?

    I see you have a .5 insert for anti squat but you are running holes down. What reason?

    Hi Alan,
    I run 3 degrees rear camber in the rear to promote a more progressive rear slide. I found when running 2 degree's the car would have more grip in the rear but when it did let go it let go more aggresively.
    I run Anti Squat down because I tend to coast or even brake over the real bumpy parts as they are usually braking bumps.
    Saying all this, we have been testing and playing around a lot. I'll post Theo's and mine new Setup shortly. It's funny because it's like the old tried and tested setup and we wandered away from it, trying different things and now when we've gone back. the car is an absolute pleasure to drive.

    On another note, we just won a four hour enduro with the buggies and we had our friends driving the Truggy for the 3 hour and they came 2nd. The best part was the one OCM Truggy went for 2 hours and 56 minutes non stop. 4 minutes left and the clutch bearings gave up. A tremendious effort by all the guys and I'd like to thank Theo Assa, Cary Davies, Craig Hawk in Buggy and Ruben, Jim and Anfo in Truggy.
  • Awsum! Team effort Soapy , shame i couldnt be there, didnt get my gear sent to me until today, always good to hear that OCM is going so well.

    will have everything set for this Sunday.
  • hey guys....

    OCM USA is looking for a good web guy to keep site updated and problem free. If you are interested please email me @ [email protected]
  • should have the truggy and buggy video posted today and the main pics
    from the Thanksgiving Thunder race!

    Thanks to all who supported
  • guys...amain hobbies shows out of stock on the kits again. They just
    placed a order so I should have them sent out this week. Check again
    on friday with them.

    I suppose this is good I was suprised as they just placed a large
    order for kits a few weeks ago.
  • guys I found OCM KAOS on ebay....

    Ofna_W0QQitemZ200175952722QQihZ010QQcategoryZ1200Q QrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1

    I would not recommend purchase of this buggy. It is a original kit and
    will have faulty plastics(bulkheads) and more than likely missing
    parts. I care not to go into much more detail but I'm sure of the kit
    and the company who is selling it. I see no mention of these issues
    and I am positive it will have these problems. This kit should not be
    on the market. If you are looking for good deals on current OCM
    product please let me know and I can save you a lot of trouble.
  • Hey guys....anyone needing stickers made get with Tres @ www.tresleonard.com, he can make anything you need for a great price. Including ott light wraps, radio wraps, starter box wraps, pit boards, decals, you name it...
  • A few laps of some good racing...starts at 2:05

    Team OCMs Alan Burton and Team XRAYS Ryan Lopez...

    I tq'd and Ryan won

  • Here is a video of the OCM buggy at the Thanksgiving Thunder, this one
    got us the tq spot...

    It's a big download, my computer streamed it though..

  • http://www.j-fam.org/rcpics/ALAN_BUR...E_11_24_07.wmv
  • Maybe this one?
  • Here is a compilation of several people's efforts at pictures and videos of this weekend's race at Thunderbird Hobbies in Gadsden, Alabama.

    Compilation of clips of Mark Morrow wheeling the OCM Truggy

    Alan Burton TQ's in 1/8 Scale Buggy with his OCM Kaos DT-19 EVO

    Some picture Links:

    http://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/U4x4CH

    We had a blast!
  • Okay guys after heaps of testing and trying different setups. we've found the perfect, fast, easy to drive setup. Trust us this really works and I will probably not stray away from it too much on any track/surface.

    Front End

    Shocks 450 weight with Blue OCM or Mugen Grey.
    Standard Pistons.
    Shock position Top Middle on tower, Shock position Lower inside on arm
    Using short Standard shock shafts with EVO shock bodies. 2mm of thread showing on shock shaft to get required droop. (Be mindfull if too much thread is showing, this can catch o-rings)
    Front Anti dive insert 1.5 DOWN
    Front Toe insert 0.5 IN
    Front Ackerman Middle position
    Front steering link on inside position of knuckle
    Front Top arm Insert 0.25 UP
    Caster Clips in front of arms (Max Caster)
    Front width 27.4 CM measured at the bottom of steering knuckles
    Camber 1.5 Degrees at ride height.
    Actual toe out at ride height 1 degree
    Sway bar 2.7mm

    Rear End

    Shocks 450 weight with Blue OCM or Mugen Grey.
    Pistons drilled to 2 x 1.5mm.
    Shock position Top Outer on Tower, Shock position Lower inside on arm
    Using short Standard shock shafts with EVO shock bodies. 0.5mm of thread showing on shock shaft to get required droop. (Be mindfull if too much thread is showing, this can catch o-rings)
    Rear Toe insert 0
    Rear Anti Squat Insert 0.5 Down
    Rear upper Linkage inside middle on shock tower and middle position on upright.
    Upright position, use bottom hole
    Wheel base, all spacers behind uprights (full short)
    Rear Camber 3 degrees at ride height
    Sway bar 2.8mm (Standard)

    For ride height I remove wheels and then press down on car, then I adjust so chassis comes back up and is just off the ground, front and back.


    Front 5000, Centre 7000 Rear 2000 using GS or Mugen oils

    If you wish to try this setup, use all of it as it ties everything in nicely.
    Kev Lewis

    [email protected]
    O.C.M Racing
    Australia's Own.
  • Those OCM videos are now up on youtube, also:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4RtLoQZbIU (Alan's TQ buggy run)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V94lnw5xSFM (Mark's truggy heat clips)

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