Resonator, THS, or Trinity pipe

  • I got a Revo 3.3 and I heard that these r da top 3 pipes 4 a Revo 3.3 and was wondering which 1 was better? plz help Thanks!
  • had good luck with the ths when i had my revo...
  • Do u no anything about da JP-2 pipe?
  • no i have never ran the JP2 pipe however i run the JP3 on my buggy and like it, and i run the JP1 on my truggy and like it also....
  • When I had 3.3 engine I bought the THS. The resinator and Trinity pipes were damn loud and not much performance increase. The THS was cheaper and the motor breathed better.

    I run my Truggy with a JP2. Truggy runs with a RB 928. Works GREAT!!!
  • Thanks a lot I will look into the JP-3 pipe!

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