werks b7 vs. ninja vs. radical

  • im looking at new .21's for my buggy...just though i would see yalls idea on them so eather the 5 port ninja, the 7 port werks b7, or the radical torqu version....links

    werks b7


  • I have a Werks Team Line B3 for the short tight tracks and a Team Line B7 Pro for the bigger tracks. The B7 absolutley RIPS!! And is easy to tune to boot. I don't think you can go wrong with the Werks line. And on the small stuff, the B3 is a low end powerhouse!!
  • b7 is an animal only thing that i have had (this isnt saying i have had a b7 but i race against them) that has the mid to high end rip is an s7. think the b7 has a little more but with a little more low end as well.
  • ya ive got an s7 now and i love it...but i was also thinking about another rb...let me know what yall think
  • I had a Fantom FR21 06 which is the same as the radical 621T but uses a std plug and that motor was amazing tons of power, 9+min run time. Only issue is that the conrod left go just before 4 gallons and took out the entire motor. If I would have replaced it at 3 gallons instead of pushing for 4 or 5 I'd still be loving that motor.

    I'm trying a B7pro right now and it looks promising but I can't see it getting the kind of run time my fantom did. I was getting milage identical to my buddies Vspec 2050 combo. Of course the fantom didn't work like that until I found what I considered to be a magical pipe combo.
  • i got the ninja and loving it!! heres a lil vid of it on a buggy and another buggy with a rb motor.

  • regular old C6 with a 8mm is still a great engine TONS of low end
  • I have a ninja and it lacks no power anywere. It is impossible to compare it to another motor that somebody runs at the track because we are both different drivers but as far as I can tell no other motors have any advantage on my Ninja and the thing is so easy to tune, It goes fast no matter how bad the tune is. I have not heard anything good about Werks motors, I hear they dont last, they may make good power but from what I have heard they arnt good quality. I know a few guys with the radicals and so far they like them.
  • I just got the Ninja last week and only ran it once on the track, but it's a screamer! Unfortunately there were no other buggies at the track this past weekend, so I could not compare, but just from the way it was running (even though it is not completely tuned yet), I love it! What do you expect from 43k RPMs?
  • the b7 would be the best motor from the ones u listed im my opion. Just cause they are so easy to keep in tune. But if u want more motor try a rb c6 i have a buddy with one and its fast as all get out. another good bet would be a go 7 port price is right and they run like a 400 dollar motor. good luck
  • i have a B7PRO and really liking it....very fast!!!!!!!! starts ez, holds a tune, and looks great also....
  • i know a couple people still running the non pro b7 (probably have MANY gallons on them by now) both are straight line fastest vehicles i have seen on the track..one is a full team losi driver though (one is a jammin other an 8ight).
  • i thought my nova plus 21-7bt was fast but my werks b7 pro is off it`s head,fully sick mate, best value for money motor to date

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