Steering Problem

  • My steering is fine at slow speeds with the steering trim but at high speeds it tends to swerve one way. Any, help?
  • what are you driving?
    where are you running it?
  • im runing a nitro rustler on like hard packed tracks with some sand
  • Check to make sure your linkage and servo are ok, and your servo saver is tight enough. It may just be inherent to that truck.
  • k, ill check that, thanks
  • would the cars balance have any affect on this? under hard acceleration, my car would tend to swerve to 1 side as well until i balanced it out.
  • and how do i balance it?
  • find out which side is lighter and then even it up by adding weight. ive only balanced my onroads up but to do it i balanced the car on 4 springs under the chassis and added weight to 1 side until the springs on the left and right were compressed evenly. not sure if that method will work for you as your rustler is probably alot heavier than a 1.10 onroad
  • k i will give that a try, thanks

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