NovaRossi .21 Plus 21-5 review

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  • I can't wait till i get it and run it in.
    You guys are getting me more keen than ever now.
  • THe Plus 7 Nova is NOT a 5 port but a 7 port ,it's a miss print on there behalf . This engine is simply put , INSANE !! If you get the turbo version you better stock up on tyres and driveshafts , this engine screams bloody murder !! I have one , too much power for the dirt ! Run it with a long header and 086 pipe , for killer bottom and for smoother bottom try a short header with the same pipe . You won't need to worry about top end it is out of this world !! This engine will run down a C5 on a long straight with ease ,but you need to get traction for this to happen This is the same engine as the Crono RS7T ,just with the new larger rear bearing .
  • Plus 21-5T
    Well guys i've put my Plus 21-5T into my CRT and started running it in.
    My last Novarossi was a Rex P5T with a 3 adjustment carby.
    I gotta say it was a pig to run in and a pig to tune... totally.
    This new Plus 21-5T on the other hand has been a dream to run in.
    It has started nearly first time every time and just idles and purrs like a kitten.
    My run in method has been the following.
    Fuel: 8%Cool Power Blue Synthetic Oil and 6% Pro Glow De Gummed Castor Oil with 20% Nitro (lots of oil for running in).
    I have turned the top end needle out 1 full turn and the bottom about 1/2 a turn rich.
    It still runs fine even though it is so rich.
    I then heated the motor up with a heat gun until it hit 100 degrees C before i put it on the box.
    A few bumps and crackle crackle she was purrling like a kitten.
    I ran the first tank on the bump box at a low to medium idle changing the revs just very slightly.
    When finished i put the piston to bottom dead centre to let it all shrink back into place properly and did this after every tank (and always do).
    Second tank I heated it up to 100 degrees C again then fired it up and put the CRT on the ground after about 1 minute.
    I ran the CRT around my back yard doing figure 8s and laps at low revs while also varying them....Temp 100 degrees C +/- 5 degrees.
    Third tank same again but it seemed to get a bit hotter this time so i went a 1/4 richer on the top and 1 hour richer on the bottom which fixed the temps.
    Fourth tank same again but started to open the throttle up a little more to about 1/2 throttle which helped keeping the temps down as it was starting to get around 120-125 degrees C.
    It seems the more fuel & air you poor in the cooler it ran as aposed to chugging around just above idle it seemed to get hotter.
    5th and 6th tanks heated the motor up same again but when running on the ground i slowly opened the throttle to full throttle for about a 1 second run then let it off.
    The motor seemed to run a bit cooler again only getting to about 105-110c.
    All this time the motor flamed out only once per tank which was awesome!
    The P5T flamed out about 8 times per tank and was very frustrating!
    I must say that Novarossi have built a much better motor and carby this time around and i can't wait to put another couple of litres through it so it frees up completely.
    I have put almost 1 litre through it so far and i like it already.
    My next fuel mix will be 10% EDL Synthetic Oil, 2% Pro Glow Castor Oil and 25% nitro.
    I will run it on our track tomorrow but keeping it a bit rich and see how it goes.
    Love this engine!
    I still have a Plus 21-7BT to run in yet and it will go into my X1-CR FTE.
    From what i just read above this post i will be very impressed.
    I'll keep you posted how it goes.
  • What would be the difference in power and fuel consumption between the plus 7t and plus 5t?
  • Plus 21-5T vs Plus 21-7BT
    You can check out the specs on the Novarossi website Josh.
    Plus 21-7BT
    Plus 21-5T
    Approximately .22 of a horsepower difference which is a bit for one of these little engines.
    The 7BT is more of a mid to top end power engine i'm guessing and the 5T is more of a bottom to mid range engine.
    I haven't cranked over my 7BT yet but i'm looking forward to doing it very soon.
    I've run in the 5T now and fully dialed it in on the weekend what a screamer!
    This thing has enormous but smooth and controlable power.
    It is also very easy to tune compared to my last Novarossi.
    I gotta say to anyone looking to buy an engine that these are well worth the little bit extra you pay for them.
    I'm impressed!
  • I'm looking at possibly picking up a Plus 21-5T soon. Now that it's been a couple of months, are you guys still happy with the engine? No rear bearing failures? Did you replace your conrod?
  • Plus21-5T
    The Plus 21-5T is awesome.
    I haven't had any problems with mine and it has balls of steel!
    It goes like the clappers with tonnes of torque and pulls hard all the way to the top.
    I've put over 7 litres through mine now and it still has tonnes of compression.
    I can't turn it over with my finger from under the truggy!
    Bearings and conrod are like new and showing no wear at all.
    It is probably one of the best engines Novarossi has ever built if not THE BEST!
    Do your self a favour and get one of these beasts.
    You will be very happy.
  • I'm liking the sound of that.

    Easy to tune?
  • Cant wait to use myn .Am running in my new V-spec first and than replace the beaings as you do with them.
    See you soon Steve.
  • Plus21-5T
    Turbine yes they are easy to tune.
    Not as easy as a V-Spec but almost.

    Mad Alli let me know how you go with yours please.
    I wouldn't worry about replacing the bearings in your V-Spec as they aren't all bad.
    I would just run them and get your moneys worth first.
    You should get at least 5-10 litres out of the bearings or more depending on how you look after the motor.
    For the price of a V-Spec you might as well just run them from new until they die.
    By the time you spend money on bearings you could have bought a Novarossi
  • What pipe to run on a Plus21-5? I run on a medium to large track. I have a jp-2 and a OS 2050.

    I'm running it in a XB8.

    Miny Thanks,
  • Quote: What pipe to run on a Plus21-5? I run on a medium to large track. I have a jp-2 and a OS 2050.

    I'm running it in a XB8.

    Miny Thanks,
    If you want to use what you've got then go for the JP-2 as it is a mid to top end pipe.
    You can always get the pipe spacers that go between the header and pipe to try some tuning as that would be a cheaper option than buying a new pipe.
    The OS 2050 is a bottom to mid pipe as it's desigend to give the V-Spec better fuel economy.
    The best pipe is the Mugen MR1005 pipe i think but it's dear.
    A-Main and Carolinas RC have them.
    How do you find the Plus21-5?
    I'm running 2 now as i was that impressed with first one i bought.
  • Flaming out?
    For those of you guys interested or that may have had the same problem i have found the cure...
    After you have done about 5 litres of fuel are you having problems with the engine flaming out at about the half tank mark?
    Mine started doing it after i had put about 5-6 litres through it.
    I was ready to throw this thing in the bin thinking it was only good for 5 litres.
    Much to my suprise a fellow racer told me to try a P3 Turbo plug.
    Now the only problem is the taper on the P3 is shorter so if yo screw it in too tight you can strip the button.
    I tried one and it went perfectly so i decided to go back to a Novarossi plug.
    I put in a C5TC which is the Novarossi Hot Plug and it has run perfect again ever since then.
    So a little tip for anyone with a Plus 21-5T or a P5 run a hot plug in it and it shouldn't flame out even if your tune is good.
    Give some feed back guys please.
  • I got a Plus-5 for christmas from my wife, and all i can say is Wow! In my Losi 8, this mill is strong! At the last RC pro race i ran it at 180Deg, because of the abundence of power. Ive ran P-5's before this and i believe the Plus is a better motor. I spools up better, and is smoother in every way. cant wait till the Plus-5k comes out. Guess ill have to get a truggy!
  • Got one on the way, just got a couple of questions:

    1. What's the base needle settings? How far from these did you go for run-in (ie. 1 turn rich from base etc.)

    2. Do they use a plug button or if I wanted to goto the turbo later on, would I have to find a complete head?


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