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HPI Trophy Truggy 4.6

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Angry HPI Trophy Truggy 4.6

Hello There

I am new to the Nitro scene and have recently purchased a HPI Trophy Truggy 4.6 from Hobbies Direct in Victoria.

I was super excited for both me and my kids to get this beast running and ready for Christmas.

The box arrived the week before last - which was incredibly quick - and I set to work reading the manuals and watching the HPI break-in videos.

After getting up to speed with the break-in process, I took the big unit outside and put it on a box (wheels off the ground) to run the first tank of fuel through it.
After getting it started - I left it to cycle a tanks worth of fuel through only to have it stall at around 1/2 a tank.
I tried to start it again only to have the pull start cable come straight out, leaving me with no way to start it up again.

I called a mate of mine who owns a Savage who let me borrow his Roto-Start.
So I remove the pull start mechanism (Which promptly explodes in spectacular way) and replace it with the roto-start setup.

I try to start the car - but it will not budge. I pull the glow plug out and test it with the igniter and its clearly cooked. So off to the local hobby shop I go to collect a few more plugs.

I replace the plug, refill the tank and get the Truggy started up and running on the box again - this time it makes it through the whole tank of fuel.
Im happy as it means I can move on to the next phase of the break-in process.

I pack everything into the car and drive down to our local basketball courts (big, flat and open... ticks all the boxes right) and get the Truggy ready for the long slow loops at 25% throttle.

After starting the car, I start driving it in a large oval - power to 25% on the straight then letting it coast through the corners. About 10 minutes in, it starts to slow down and then eventually it comes to a complete stop and the engine stalls.

I try starting it up again with the roto-start but it trips the safety and wont budge. I think "maybe its flooded and cant move" so i pull the glow plug out and try the roto start again but it throws the safety again - engine is seized good and proper.

I take the car home and put it aside until I can ring the guys at Hobbies Direct and explain the issue. After talking to the extremely helpful (non sarcasm, they are genuinely great guys) guy, he advises me to tear the engine down to see what has happened and to take a bunch of pictures along the way to make sure we have documented proof of an issue.

photos . app . goo . gl/vZr4Fre8MrRekubj2 - URL of google gallery (remove the spaces)

What i found was pretty disturbing, After removing the head I noticed fragments of metal on top of the piston then after I pulled the crank cover off - it became apparent that something had gone horribly wrong with the bottom end bearing and it had basically dispersed itself through the entire motor.
I rang the guys back and told them what had happened and they told me that they would need to log the warranty job with Hobbies Australia as they are the distributor for HPI.

Hobbies Australia have asked me to send the motor back so that they can determine if it is 1) able to be repaired (not likely considering there is micro fragments of bearing through the entire motor) and 2) if it is infact a warranty job.
The guys at Direct Hobbies forwarded me this excerpt from an email:

"We need to first inspect to see if it is a warranty and second to see if it is a rebuild or replace situation. From what we can see in the photo the bottom cooling fins on the head of the engine appear to be a lighter colour then the rest of the head. This is an indication of the engine being overheated during the run in process and failure due to overheating is not covered by warranty."

I have a really bad feeling that they are going to try and reject the warranty claim and just screw me over. Even though the motor has been running for less than 1 hour - they will claim that it was running too hot and the bottom of the conrod just let go due to extreme heat.

So, Obviously this story is still playing out but I figured I would get this out there to start with and update it along the way.
I will be apocalyptically cranky if they try to reject the claim, as i cant see a scenario where i could be the reason the conrod exploded.

Ill be updating everyone with my progress


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