Losi vs AE...GO!


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Default Losi vs AE...GO!

Alright folks, I came back to racing this weekend and had a blast however while working my DEX210 I decided that I don't like it. It was a pain to work on, I had tons of issues just keeping it together, and the parts are expensive. So I'm switching brands when I can afford to do so and when I feel confident enough that I won't destroy a new car.

I plan on running Stock buggy, Stock Truck, and some day Mod 4WD. Short Course just isn't my cup of tea. Parts support isn't a concern because the Plex has literally everything.

So here's chance to chime in on your favorite brands. AE seems to dominate the landscape and have a proven platform. Losi driving seems to have dwindled over the past two years but with the 22 2 coming out, they seem to have addressed certain issues and are providing upgrades that appeal to me.

However here are my concerns:

AE B4.2 and T4.2: They have a plastic chassis which doesn't sit very well with me. Granted, I've never driven one and I've never seen a chassis break for anyone that does drive this brand. Also, I hear these can have some heavy amounts of slop down the road without regular parts replacement.

AE 44.2: Honestly I have no knowledge of this car but it looks solid and who doesn't like mass carbon fiber?

TLR: Obviously Alex will chime in because he's sponsored and that's his job. 2 years ago it seemed that you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a TLR 22, now they seem to be the underdog. However with the up coming 22 2 and it's eventual 22T 2, they have a lot of upgrades that I like and they seem to have addressed the driving learning curve that apparently existed with the original 22.

In the 4WD realm, the new Losi 4WD buggy has been spotted in the wild, so we have that to look forward to. However I (and maybe most of us) still don't know a lot about it.

We've all heard the Chevy VS Ford argument before, now's your chance to persuade me to either AE or Losi.

Thanks for any info you give.

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I am by no means an expert but when it comes to stock truck I love my losing xxxt-cr. Its made it through the summer series and several Friday nights with only two break downs. A front arm and a rear axle. Its a solid smooth running machine in the right hands might even be able to win a few races. Looking myself to get another losi just cause parts are hard to find for the one I have.
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Losi. I have ran my truck and buggy hard for the past year and haven't had a problem. With maintenance and going through your vehicles you shouldn't have a problem. I have never driven AE so I don't know the specifics on them but I do know that the 22 and 22t are down right reliable.
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both are good cars-however I think the Losi is probably a bit more durable...your welcome to take my car for a few laps at the next SS race to see what you think. Nothing wrong with Durango,Kyosho,Tamiya either----but I like something that is easy to get parts for!!!

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I have ran both associated and losi. And now im running x factory, so here is my 2 cents. I would say that the losi cars are a little more forgiving than an associated car. When i ran them, just start right and biuld it right and they are good to go. Just do your maintenence. Associated cars i feel are faster for my driving style. Just start off the same way and you habe to maintain the car too. I love my x factory cars im driving now. The only thing i will say is that when i ran the the losi i had problems with the diffs, but i think they have since fixed the problems. You can alwayspm me and i will give you my number and id be glad to chat with you any time.

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Let the results speak for themselves.

Summer series top 5 per class

Stock Truck
2 AE
4 AE

Pro 2
1 AE
2 Kyo
4 Not Sure what he's running TLR maybe

Stock Buggy
1 was Kyo, now TLR I think
3 AE
5 AE

Mod Buggy
3 AE
4 AE
5 AE

Mod Truck
2 AE
5 XFactory

TLR 12
AE 9
Xfactory 1

It's fairly even between the TLR and AE. Basically, drive whichever one feels bette to you. You're more than welcome to drive my TLR cars next time I'm at the Plex. Probably not gonna be for a few weeks though.
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I think a b4 would let you grow more as a driver and stay with one car; I think that the b4 is probably the easiest buggy to drive right out of the box. When I drove for Durango; their 2 wheel buggy plowed like a dump truck, "unless you had a machine shop at our disposal" The losi 22 I had is "ok" for a while, but after I had it for about a month, it started doing this weird over rotating thing and always would want to spin out -NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE DIFF WAS- I know when I went back to associated I felt like my old self again. All of the associated cars are really easy to set up and get the hang of. Some say the AE cars arnt as durable, but I have only broken out of one main at the summer series and that was because a nut backed out of my steering wrack. So I would say if you are looking to make a change, I would go with associated; they are my first choice after trying the other 2 brands I drove.
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Take a look at the TRF201. I like mine. I am a complete novice and the few races I ran it I did good considering my skill level. I have yet to break anything on it. Trf also just came out with the 201x upgrade kit for it which includes a aluminum extended chassis.

The 201 kit is fairly good value $189 but the upgrade kit is fairly high. But the kit is normal trf quality with the carbon reinforced plastic and the plex actually has some parts for it.
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PnchoPwr, dont forget the best class of all the Stock Short Course Buggy. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd all TLR.
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