Flooded Losi :(


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Default Flooded Losi :(

I have managed to flood my truck, this probably belongs in the newb section, but i thought i would ask anyway. Every time i take the plug out its wet, i run the started for a while and re install the plug and its wet again, i have been doing this all night. ANy tips tricks to get this thing dry? I have the losi monster truck.
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let me add, i live at 9000' above sea level. Any helpfull carb tune tips would be great ( for when i do get it running) LOL
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Default flooding

when you flood you have to take out plug...dry it...then get fuel out of engine..turn the truck upside down...then put it in again....make sure your glow plug is new and working...also make sure your glow plug ignitor is fully charged....i have 2 losi lsts...have to tune properly...in the instructions it tells you how to do the break in....do 3 tanks with truck up against wall...then next 2 tanks pulling the remote control trigger half way tops ,dooing it in burst...like 2 second pulls...if you have a local hobby store they will tune it for you for like 5-20 bucks if your having problems...there is also a how to tune your engine section in here very helpful...if i have time ill find it or someone will post it
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sounds too rich.
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yep, sounds rich for sure,also check to make sure that your glow igniter is working as well.
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if i remember right the higher you live the leaner you run your truck, the lower the richer. either way your truck is to rich if your flooding, so lean it up.
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It sounds like you are definitely too rich... Have you touched the LSN or HSN?

Each engine is different from the other... You shouldn't have to make any adjustments to the LSN. A friend has the LST2 and he had to lean the HSN during break in as it would not stay running, get above 150 degrees, and poured fuel out the pipe... I think it had to be leaned one complete turn clockwise, but he is a little more experienced at it than I... adjust only a 1/8 - 1/4 turn at a time...

Elevation, the higher you go, the less air you get is true... You may need to make adjustments to both the HSN and LSN. Since you are getting less air you need to reduce the fuel or increase the air intake... I have no suggestions other than that... I would contact manufacturer about High Elevations...

If you make any adjustments to the needles, do them no more than 1/4 at a time. Run your truck and see how it reacts. Look for smoke... If it looks like you are trying to leave a smoke screen, too rich... If you do not see any smoke... too lean... The smoke should be enough to be visible, but not so thick you can't see anything else...

Outside temps can play a factor for break-in and normal running... If it is very cold outside you will need to richen the HSN/LSN perhaps a 1/4 turn or so, but not much. Cold air is dense, so your engine will be getting more air meaning the truck will run leaner (hotter)... I am at 1500 ft above sea level... Although it is in the 30's now a days... I am running 1/2 turn richer on the HSN than (after break in) reccommeneded by HPI.

Traxxas has a great method for break-in/normal runs during the winter/cold season. Scroll down until you see the Winter Break-in...
Click Here

I am not the greatest tuner, but I try...

LSN = Low Side Needle
HSN = High Side Needle
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