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Old 05-10-2006, 09:11 AM   #1
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Default "de-HOP" a Stampede

Got a Stampede for the boy a few weeks ago. Works great, going to gear it down a bit as the stock motor/gearing runs too hot. MOtor is too hot to touch and can smell electrical burning. We run in taller grass so need more power - also looking to get a little more run time if possible. Also my boy is young and the Stampede is still a little too hot for him - top end is not important right now. Basicly, I want to "de-hop" it.

Here is my thoughts ( being a rookie) let me know if I am out of line here.

1) Stock gearing is 13.14 with an 18 gear Pinion, goiing to just swap to a 14 pinion gear. That will put me at 16.90. (using stock 87 tooth spur)

2) Stock motor is a 20 turn "Stinger". Thinking of buying a cheap stock motor like a 28 turn. Then perhaps even a 12 gear pinion. This should slow it down and increase run time but still good.

So this seem reasonable?

(I run 3300mha batts on this an my other R/C stuff - will buy more mha someday)

If so let me know (also a recomendation on a cheep/good stock motor)

Oh yea 2nd issue - Now I need a R/C truck for me. My research is pointing to a E-Maxx. Then will gear it down a bit to rock climb better. Anybody dissaggee with the E-Maxx?
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Old 05-10-2006, 06:03 PM   #2
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umm "stock" motors are 27 turn...if i am not mistake if you need more off-road capeabilities i would go for mabe a 12x2 or 13x2? not quite sure...they are faster motors...otherwise just get a stock motor..like a monster
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Old 05-10-2006, 06:07 PM   #3
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I will absolutely NOT tell you that an E-maxx is a bad choice. Mine's got about $200 spent on it on top of the price of the truck. Maybe for a beginner it might be a little overkill...but for an adult it's just plain fun. I'm 23 and I love mine. I have a bunch of little trucks including two Stampedes. My E-maxx has two 7 cell Intellect 3800 MAH batteries and it'll do a good 35-40 MPH on the stock drivetrain. It all depends on what your budget will allow. The sky is the limit. If you want a nitro, I would reccommend a Savage X (About $600) or a Team Losi LST 2 (About $700). They are both extremely fun but if electric is your thing, the E-maxx is the way to go man. Here are some pics of mine. Tell me that little thing isn't cool looking. Also, if you want to run a stock motor with alot of power, try getting your hands on a Trinity P2K2 or a Green Machine. They run about 12,000 RPM so they won't get too hot and they last a decent amount of time before needing rebuilt (springs and brushes). Also, your run time should increase on a 3300 mah pack. Running in tall grass will get any motor hot because of the resistance against the truck gaining speed. Just some food for thought.
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Old 05-11-2006, 01:01 AM   #4
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I love my E-Maxx's and dont get me wrong they are fun trucks, but if you want to get into some serious rock crawling then I would recommend the Tamiya TXT.A E-Maxx can do some rock crawling but can not be competative with the modified rock crawlers out there like the TXT can. Also with the TXT it wont cost you as much money to modifie. With the E-Maxx you will spend twice as much money and only have half the crawler the TXT is stock. But if all you are looking for is a truck that is fun and can do some minor rock crawling then the E-Maxx is the way to go. What ever you decied to get good luck and have lot's of fun, after all fun is what this hobby is all about.
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Old 05-11-2006, 02:47 AM   #5
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For the stampede:

Get a stock Mabuchi or Johnson 540 motor: they last long (the brushes of these brushed motors are made of a harder steel than competition motors -- they pass slightly less current, but last reaaaally long).

If you're running in grass, try to get the smaller pinions: you'll get more torque, less top-end speed (which is what you want).

Also, charge the batteries at a lower amp rating. Unless you're in a hurry to play, it would be even good to do a C/10 charge (1/10th the mah rating of the batteries) for 12 to 16 hours (it's not a straight 10-hour charge because of losses/inefficiencies). For the 3300mah batteries, about 300 to 400mah for about 12 to 16 hours or so.

Lower charge rates = less punch, but slightly more runtime. Also, they make your batteries last longer (lifespan).

As for YOUR truck, I would hang out here for about a week and read all about TXTs, TNXs, TMaxxes, Savages... Absorb what you can in a week or so, list down your priorities (jumping? racing? rock-crawling?) and then match the truck to what you like.

Personally, I have a Hot Bodies E-Zilla, and love it (except for the lack of hop-up parts and local support).
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Old 05-11-2006, 06:31 AM   #6
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Hey guys thanks for the great posts.

It's weird that I never got into R/C cars, I don't live near a lake, nor have a place close by to fly - but live in the middle of the woods and have lots of land. Most of it is farm/forest paths. Got a field that is great to just run around in. (Also a 1/2 mile paved driveway)

Mostly looking to stay on the farm and have fun but also go camping and will take the trucks to the campground. Iíd like gas but hate the noise. I have two elec boats, and hate the loud noise the gas boats make. Also have done air but only gliders as again I just donít like the loud noise when I am outside like that.

So that leaves me with elec. I donít plan on racing as I donít think there is a track near me, but just want to have fun. After going thru a lot of posts and other research and looking at my budget down to a TXT or an E-Maxx. Leaning towards the E-maxx as it stock takes two batt packs (longer run time) has the two speed trans, and is a little cheaper. My local shop has them for $308. Just will buy new Ė guys seem to want way too much for the used ones on ebay

I think most R/C cars/truck come stock designed to run on level ground, so will then figure out how to gear down the e-maxx a bit. Just to set me up to run in grass off-road. Not worried about top end (yet). I figure Iíll burn up the OEM motors then hop up the e-maxx later on Ė and then I will know more.

What is interesting is that monster R/C trucks donít due mud very well, like a real monster truck. Well they will do well for a bit until your elec/motor fry Ė going to look at mods for waterproofing Ė (perhaps my boat exp will come in handy)

As far as the Stamped I put in a 14 gear pinion (stock was 18), seemed to help a bit. Still the motor makes your spit sizzle (touch a bit a spit to the engine). Being a elec boat guy my engines get hot but if they get this hot I put a water cool kit on them Ė water cool kit not really an option for a car now is it? Anyway going to just live with the 14 gear pinion and then when this motor burns out swap in a Mabuchi or Johnson 540 motor and then even a smaller pinion.

Tanks again guys

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Old 05-11-2006, 06:47 AM   #7
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Leaning towards the E-maxx as it stock takes two batt packs (longer run time) has the two speed trans
Er, run it also uses two motors. In any case, they are run in SERIES (14.4 volts). If they were run in PARALLEL, they would be 7.2v but twice the millampere-hours (mah).

Aside from that, whether TXT or E-Maxx, I don't think you can go wrong. Too bad the E-Zilla has too little support. The Kyosho Twin Force is another great truck, but the TXT and E-Maxx, you have lots of parts to choose from should you wish to hop it up.

Well they will do well for a bit until your elec/motor fry – going to look at mods for waterproofing
Go to www.ezillacomm.forumsplace.com

It has an article there (in the "Monsters of Torque" thread, I think) where this guy waterproofs the ESC and motors. Easy stuff to do. (Got silicone, anyone?)

Still the motor makes your spit sizzle
Way too hot. I would also check the gear mesh (spur-pinion). Might be too tight. Get a motor heatsink for it as well. Lots of cheap ones around. Would also check if there's anything stuck (grass on the wheels/axles/etc).

You could also run 4-cells. Or five. It would be slower, and not heat up as much.

EDIT: Waterproofing thread is in the ESC and FANs section:

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