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Default I Need Your Expertise & Advise

My passion is been always RC Cars and now I am getting the chance to start with it. I would like to know which RC Car is best to start with considering:
- I need it mainly / firstly for bashing, off road, running it in parks, dirt,
- I am going to exercise different tricks and learn about controlling the car
- Either I do not have something or I would have its best (sounds crazy because I might go for an expensive one and damage it because I am also training myself on it )
- I love it to be fast, speed is everything for me

Some say Traxxas E Revo Brushless 1/10 is really the good choice ($710) some say E Maxx is as fun as E Revo and cheaper. I am not sure if E Max gives me same speed and agility, grip, etc. How is your experiences?

Also, please advise what charger and battery brands are good to buy.

Thanks for your time and help.
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If you've narrowed it down to those two, the E-Revo is a WAY better truck than the E-Maxx. You'd end up spending a ton more in parts if you go with the E-Maxx.
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My expert advise is to stay away from the Traxxis altogether. If you have to get a Traxxis, get a slash and plan to upgrade a lot.

What I suggest is to get an Associated SC10 factory team kit.


I would get a Spectrum transmitter and receiver. Maybe a Pulsar 3 charger and any 7.4 Lipo battery. Spectrum or JR servo.

Maybe a Novak speed control/motor combo, like a 17.5. But maybe someone on here knows a better speed control / motor combo.

After that, I would practice a bit and get a sweet body and paint it all custom. Then I would find a racetrack close by your place and race your new machine...sit back and have some FUN !!!

Dave Bruns
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I agree with dave. The only traxxas I would buy is a slash just because you can race it. Stay away from monster trucks. They are worthless money pits
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Thank you all for the replies...

You guys surprised me a lot as I had heard lots of good experiences with E-Revo Brushless 1/10 (of course including the fact that its mainly plastic and you would break shafts, etc during quick accelerations and jumps, but once broken can be upgraded to aluminum to avoid next break) and then I came to learn about Vorza Flux HP by HPI.

I heard that VORZA is much better than E-Revo in the sense its made more durable and more in aluminum than plastic. Speed wise both are similar, the ground clearance on E-Revo is more so better in grass but Vorza is way better in jumps and high jumps and break less !!
For racing E-Revo is better but for Bashing and jumping around Vorza is better...
What is your advise? should I totally stay away from Traxxas even for E-Revo? should I prefer Vorza over E-Revo?

Many many thanks.
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if you're gonna bash you'll probably want a monster truck. check out the HPI savage. buggies are awesome, but for bashing i'd get bored with one.
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This forum (RCTech) is really geared towards racers, just a heads up.

If you are really just going to bash, a brushless E-Revo would be great. Get 2 5200 hard case Turnigy lipos and a charger from hobbyking.com and you will have a FAST basher that is pretty durable. I bash a rtr redcat 1/8th scale buggy that was way cheaper than a erevo, but it breaks far more often and I can't get parts local.

I have seen a decent number of people go down the road of investing in bashing (let's say a Traxxas Rustler with all of the useless overpriced aluminum hop ups) and be dissapointed when they can't compete when they try racing, so just make sure you make the right decision between bash/race.
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Don't buy into that aluminum is better hype, aluminum does break and it bends quite easily, while plastic will usually offer some flex upon impact.
I would rather replace a $4.00 piece of plastic over a $20.00 piece of aluminum.
For bashing the Traxxas products are great, both the Erevo and Emaxx are fun trucks, I have one of each, if I had to chose between the two I would keep the Erevo.
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Hello and Welcome~

First question you need to ask yourself: do you want to race ever or just have fun in your neighborhood?

Then pick something the hobby shop near you carries parts for so youre not sitting broken for long periods of time waiting for the mail. Traxxas parts are pretty common as are associated parts I believe.

If you want the ability to race once in awhile, the Slash is your best choice for Traxxas.
For bashing, Id defer to the others that have posted here.

Good luck!
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Slash 2 wheel drive only as no where to run in comp with the 4 wheel

MMR Spec Slash raching -What a blast and lots of good racing and fun
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