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  • thanks for the info! Will see you guys tomorrow
  • Thanks everyone that came out to race yesterday, it got me wanting to race again. Looks like VTA is going to be big this year, and thanks to the other racers in that class for being patient with Isaac. We had a good time yesterday and hope to see more racers after the harvest is done.
  • Had a great time. VTA is really fun, very close racing! Thanks for all the help everyone!
  • Was really wanting to come and play with my vta car, but the bean harvest had finally started.. raining now of course, but got a few acres out yesterday at least. Sounds like you guys had fun.

  • Any results? Wondering who won VTA.
  • Richard "Stiffller" Strankowski, was the top of the class in VTA. Jesse and Marco raced real hard for second.

    PRCP ONROAD SEASON-img_3288.jpg   PRCP ONROAD SEASON-img_3289.jpg   PRCP ONROAD SEASON-img_3321.jpg  

  • definitely a fun class thats for sure. had a great time and Richard was ultra helpful in helping me get my car to hook up much better than the beginning.
  • HI! Team PRCP has retired the Tundra as the official race truck only to be replaced by a IH and GM see this week end
  • Quote: HI! Team PRCP has retired the Tundra as the official race truck only to be replaced by a HI end GM see this week end
    Hi end GM?? must be a rare one..haha
  • Now that's funny --- not to rare an escalade
  • oh.. I thought a hi end GM was a FORD...haha
  • Sunday sound like a good way to end a weekend of racing hopefully the boys from Fargo can car pool here on Sunday (let us know) WGT will be as big as 1/12th. If east & west can meet in the middle VTA will be big as well.
  • Not many coming from the west this weekend, I'm in the middle of a home remodeling project that needs to be done before thanksgiving. We'll be there in December for sure though! I finally broke down and put a brushless in the VTA...I want to be able to blame my driving, not the motor for my losses.
  • Wish I had an electric sedan to play with. I'd come up and race with you all. As soon as I sell my other house I'll get a pan car but two mortgages are not fun... Still dealing with the after effects of getting married and all that stuff. Hope to see you guys sooner than later....
  • what time would you be starting on Sunday?

    May finish early with some stuff I got going on here and could make the drive.

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