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Conversation Between BullFrog and DaveVera

Conversation Between BullFrog and DaveVera
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  1. 04-16-2019 01:31 PM - permalink
    So what classes is this offered? Surely not a single pan car class? They would not allow any money for racing regardless here in Jax. (if I get the complex built). Cant you give the drivers either a gas card or gift certificate from Michaels's instead of cash? Give the driver a choice.
    Your correct about Fort Meyers.not travels 6 hours one way- to old.
  2. DaveVera
    04-15-2019 01:36 PM - permalink

    A racer has stepped up and offered to put up the money for a consistency award and wants to award cash. I'm not giving any cash away for finishes or how you place, I'll continue to give away the normal podium awards. I did give away cash twice last season to award consistency(dash for cash) and there were no issues. So , we are not "racing for money " im sorry if you decide you cannot attend these races. Pretty sure you wont be attending the Fort anyways?? Not sure about your conversation with Izzy but I never mentioned any intention of doing anything like this next year. A random racer steps up to support the series for 1 event by trying to help promote consistency and wants to give $350-400 for that . All I see is racers trying to grow the series in a positive way.
  3. 04-11-2019 08:24 PM - permalink
    Dave I see your new post about consiistency money. I highly disagree -racing for money. The new group that took over the Apex club is racing for free but awarding money for the finishes. I as well as Tom marlowe that lives 10 miles from the track will not race there. Money brings out the worst in racing. I will not participate in any money races.
    I talked with Izzy today and he said this was for discussion for next year? But you posted it for the Fort. If this is to be at Mintregg I guess that's the end of me at the series.
    Giving gas cards or gift certificates , entry fees is much better . You can take the cash given and do these instead of cash. But I do not go to any races with money offered to the racers. Plus it is not ROAR legal to race for money even though we are not ROAR legal ( no membership require to run in the state races).
  4. 10-25-2018 05:52 PM - permalink
    Dave I just saw that you told Izzy we could not run the new XFactor 25.5 motors. I know ROAR is fallin behind but we shouild be able to run them. Question are the handout motors ROAR legal. Or the new Fantom Stators? Besides that we have not been following the simple ROAR rule about membership for quite awhile. Can't remember when the last time our ROAR memebership was checked?
    There are quite afew racers with these motors that you could be turning away for the race. You ought to let them run- espicially if the others are not legal either. Bob will never be able to aprove any motors until he is replaced by someone else.
  5. 10-14-2018 06:36 PM - permalink
    I will be racing for the first time in 4 weeks this weekend. I want to take it easy with the bending down to be on the safe side. so at the state race could you let me slide on turn marshalling for this event only..
    Also I heard from Izzy about the guys in Tampa putting the copper rotor from Trinity in there fantom 25.5 VTA motors. I thought this was Illegal? Maybe for the top 3 qualifiers announce they will be inspected before the mains (out of the car)?
  6. DaveVera
    09-05-2018 07:55 PM - permalink
    Hi Bill, yes you mentioned being down from racing for a bit because of your surgery. I'll make sure to give your stuff to Izzy... as for the Arrowmax Dash, I purchased one for myself to play with (mostly in mod) and have spoken to Felix Law who works for them in great detail and am familiar on how it works and can identify if it's not in blinky... . have a speedy recovery!
  7. 09-05-2018 03:37 PM - permalink
    Dave not sure if I told you . I won't be able to make the first race- please give my stuff to Izzy. Probably the same thing for Tom Marlowe ( I'll check and let you know). I will be getting Eye surgery (cataracts ) on Sept 19th and can't do anything for two weeks then the other eye on Octocber 3rd. After 2 weeks I will be fine and ready for the First Carpet race (?) at 386.
  8. 09-03-2018 05:32 PM - permalink
    Dave just wondering how your going to deal with the new Cheater DASH ESC. That's right down Robert Stephens alley. I won't make the first state race- getting eye surgery (cataracts) on the 19th and 3rd. Can't do much for the 4 week period. I will be at the 1st carpet race. Bill
  9. 07-17-2018 02:59 PM - permalink
    Thanks on the bring your own tires. Bill
  10. DaveVera
    07-16-2018 05:57 PM - permalink
    Bill I have no idea what Chris is talking about. I had said that all 12th scales will be a spec tire of any brand as long as it had a stripe. Purple ,blue, green as long as it has a stripe. I tested with all of them with my 12th scale , I rented out Chris's track for the day 2 months ago . I was able to duplicate identical lap times from all of them. 4 points is minimal if it were day 10 or more maybe. No need to contact crc or anyone as it will be bring your own 12th tires like its always been.


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