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The Big Locked Thread

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The Big Locked Thread

Old 05-10-2013, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by A X O
Glorietta race

3rd floor near Lil's store, glorietta 2 makati city.
10am - 10pm.

Please bring extension cords and electric fans.
Schedule natin yan ah.. dapat up to 2am..
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Flysky GT3C with the new redesigned and improved steering wheel

Available Colors: Silver + Black and Orange + Black
Price: 2400

Rapicon RC Fuel (Car)
25% 1430 per gallon
30% 1570 per gallon

Tornado RC Fuel (Car)
25% 1055 per 2.5L can
30% 1225 per 2.5L can
30% 1860 per gallon
we also sell per box (4 gallons or 6 2.5L cans) with discounts, txt or call for more info
we ship anywhere in the philippines

ITEM: 200cc Fuel Gun
Status: On Stock
Price: 950

ITEM: Turnigy nano-tech A-SPEC 6200mah 2S (7.4v) 65~130C Hardcase (NEW)
Status: On Stock
Price: 3365

ITEM: Turnigy Nanotech 6600mah 2s (7.4v) 65-130C hardcase
Status: On Stock
Price: 3160

ITEM: Turnigy Nanotech 6000mah 2s (7.4v) 65-130C hardcase
Status: out of stock
Price: 2760

ITEM: Turnigy Nanotech 5600mah 2s (7.4v) 50-100C hardcase
Status: On stock
Price: 2360

ITEM: Transmitter Radio Wheel (Aluminum)
Status: On Stock
Price: 600

ITEM: Flysky Reciever
Model: FS-GR3C
Channels: 3
Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Compatible with all flysky 2 and 3 channel radios (GT2, GT3 & GT3B)
Status: On Stock
Price: 700

Item: Flysky FS-SM100 USB RC simulator adaptor cable
Status: On Stock
price: 350

Item: Turnigy A-6-10 200W Balance charger & discharger
Input Voltage: 10~18v
Circuit power: Max Charge: 200W / Max Discharge: 25W
Charge Current Range: .1~10.0A
Discharge current range: .1~5.0A
Ni-MH/NiCd cells: 1~18
Li-ion/Poly cells: 1~6
Pb battery voltage: 2~24v
Status: On stock
Price: 3320

Item: 350w Power Supply
Input Voltage: 220~240V AC
Output Voltage: 13.8v DC
Output Amps: 25A
Output Watts: 350W
Status: On Stock
Price: 3700

ITEM: Turnigy Accucel 6 Balance Charger
Status: On Stock
Price: 2000

ITEM: Power Supply 100~240v 5A (for battery chargers)
Status: On Stock
Price: 1000

BM-6 Cell Voltage Monitor 2-6S Lipo (Latest Version) (New Item)
Battery cell range: 2S-6S Lipo/Li-ion/LiFe
Voltage display resolution: 0.001V
Voltage Detection precision: 0.005V
Cell Voltage display range: 1.50-4.99V
Total Voltage display range : 3.00 ~29.94V
Alarm cell voltage: 2.00 ~ 4.00V
Status: On Stock
Price: 985

Item: Digital Caliper
range: 0-150mm
Accuracy: +/- .02mm
Status: On Stock
Price: 1380

Item: BMS-660DMG+HS Super Strong Digital Servo
torque: 14.2kg/cm @ 6v
speed: 0.17sec/60° @ 6v
status: On Stock
price: 1570

Item: BMS-820DMG+HS High Performance Digital Metal Gear
Torque: 10.6kg/cm , 142 oz/in @ 6v
Speed: 0.09 sec /60° @6v
Status: Out of Stock
Price: 2610

ITEM HK15298B High Voltage Coreless Digital MG/BB Servo
Torque: 18kg @ 6v, 20kg @ 7.4v
Weight: 66g
Speed: 0.18 / 60deg @ 6v, 0.16 / 60deg @ 7.4v
Voltage: 4.8v~7.4v
Motor type: Coreless
Status: On Stock
Price: 1395

Item: Turnigy 620DMG+HS High Torque Digital Metal Gear
Torque: 10.6kg/cm
Speed: .13sec/ 60°
Status: On Stock
price: 1510

Item: Turnigy 25mm Flywheel Removal Tool
For engines .21-.32
Status: On Stock
Price: 435

Item: Hard Steel Tweezer either Straight or Curved
Length: Straight 125mm Curved 120mm
Status: On Stock
Price: 135 (when ordering, please indicate if you want straight or curved)

X-BLADE Precision knife with replaceable SK-5 blade
Status: On Stock
Price: 70

Item: Hex Metric driver set 4pcs
Set includes: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 & 3.0
Status: On Stock
Price: 700

Item: Hex Standard/Imperial/English driver set 4pcs
Set includes: 050, 1/16, 5/64 & 3/32
Status: On Stock
Price: 730

ITEM: 4mm long shaft Flat Head Screwdriver (for engine tuning)
Length: 105mm
Number of units: 3
Status: On Stock
Price: 170

Item: Turnigy 4mm XL shaft Flat Head Screwdriver (for engine tuning)
Tip Length: 170mm
Status: On Stock
price: 265

Item: Turnigy 5mm long shaft Flat Head Screwdriver
Tip Lenth: 105mm
Status: On Stock
price: 235

Item: Turnigy Long Shaft Exhaust Spring Tool
Status: On Stock
price: 235

ITEM: TURNIGY 4pcs hex socket driver set
Status: On Stock
Price: 460

ITEM: Knife Edge Reamer 0.5-18mm
Status: On Stock
Price: 570

Item: Multifunction wheel nut wrench
with 17mm and 23mm hex nut
and 4mm and 5mm hex key
Status: On Stock
price: 470

Item: Turnigy Flywheel Key w/ H17mm Wrench Tool
Status: On Stock
Price: 370

***pictures at http://rccebu.blogspot.com/ ***

Brand new and used RC parts for sale. (ON HAND)
For inquiries, please text or call to 0922-9661909.

ITEM # 3: Slightly used Hobao monster tires with chrome rims 14mm hex (some curb rash and flaking crome on the rims) tread left 90% - P2250
ITEM # 9: Brand new Proline Velocity Rims 14mm hex (set of 2) - P1260
ITEM # 17: Brand new HPI Savage 2 speed transmission (taken from a brand new Savage X 4.6) - P2700
ITEM # 19: Brand new Flux shocks (1 pack contains 2 shocks) – P1885
ITEM # 20: Brand new Savage X, XL Battery Box only – P625
OR choice of having it with charging jack and switch (taken from a brand new savage xl) – P1250
ITEM # 21: Brand new Savage XL Front/Rear Differential assembly with bulk head (taken from a brand new never used Savage XL) – P2365
ITEM # 22: Team Losi XXL Shocks (taken from a brand new Losi XXL) set of 2 - P1520
ITEM # 23: HPI Savage X, XL turn buckles (Brand new) –P650
ITEM # 24: Used Savage 21/25/X roll cage with mounting hardware (nothing broken, just paint scrapes) - P1350
ITEM # 29: Brand new O’Donnell medium hot glow plugs standard purple long plugs for 25% - 30% nitro content (for picco, novarossi, rb concept and more, check manual for compatibity) – P300/piece
ITEM # 31: HPI Savage XL engine plate w/ brace (taken from a brand new savage xl) – P978
ITEM # 32: HPI Savage XL center dogbones (taken from a brand new savage xl) - P1030
OR choice of having it with cups - P1320
ITEM # 33: CEN 23mm hex (taken from a brand new CEN GST 7.7) - P890
ITEM # 34: HPI Savage Flux complete Bulletproof differential assembly with bulk head, bearings & drive cups (brand new) – P3125
ITEM # 35: Venom fuel tubing (OD=6mm ID=3mm) - P55/foot
ITEM # 37: Dynamite Silicone Switch Cover (transparent blue/florescent yellow) 2pcs per pack - P265
ITEM # 39: Mugen MBX6T wing, wing mount & mounting hardware(taken from a brand new kit) – P1520
ITEM # 49: Brand New Proline wabash rims 40 series 23mm hex 2 pcs per pack – P1155
ITEM # 54: Used standard MT size Proline bowtie tires on 14mm hex aluminum rims MT tires #1079 very good condition tread left 90% - P3560
ITEM # 65: HPI savage 17mm hex and lock nuts (set of 4) - P630
ITEM # 67: HPI savage 14mm hex and lock nuts (set of 4) - P350
ITEM # 68: HPI savage xl extended wheel axles (set of 4) – P2115
ITEM # 69: HPI savage xl outer dogbones (set of 4) - P1195
ITEM # 70: Brand new O’Donnell hot glow plugs standard red long plugs for 5% - 20% nitro content (for picco, novarossi, rb concept and more, check manual for compatibity) – P300
ITEM # 73: RPM Center skidplate for savage x – P1215
ITEM # 74: Losi 15mm shock boots for big bores – P640
ITEM # 77: Du-bro 2-56 safety lock kwik link (clevis) - P245
ITEM # 78: Ofna throttle linkage kit blue (part # 10724) - P255
ITEM # 81: HPI savage high body mount post & throttle horn - P365
ITEM # 83: HPI cap head screw 2.6x12mm 12pcs - P310
ITEM # 90: RB Concept Headshims for .28 engine thickness available .10mm & .3mm. Can be used with other .28 size engines (sold per pack) - P285
ITEM # 91: RB Concept exhaust gasket – P480/pack of 4
ITEM # 92: Dynamite Max-life aluminum clutch shoes – P1570
ITEM # 93: Mugen clutch spring 1.0mm - P155
ITEM # 94: Dynamite clutch shim kit - P440
ITEM # 100: Factory Team Shock oil 35wt - 70wt – P240
ITEM # 103: CLUTCH BELL BEARINGS NEOPRENE SEAL 5x10x4 - P800/pack of 10
ITEM # 104: AXLE BEARING NEOPRENE SEAL 8x16x5 – P700/pack of 10
ITEM # 107: CEN Genesis/Nemesis/GST 7.7 Fuel Tank 220cc - P1095
ITEM # 108: HPI Savage Heavy duty servo saver spring - P248
ITEM # 109: RB Concept Aerosol Lubricant - P435
ITEM # 111: Used Nova Cooling Head for Picco .26 - P1750
ITEM # 113: New Speedmind transmitter bag for 3pk - P1766
ITEM # 114: Fail safe – P750
ITEM # 115: Exhaust gasket – P500/pack of 5
ITEM # 116: Exhaust Spring long –240/ pack of 2
ITEM # 117: Antenna tube with silicone end cap (250mm) – P85
ITEM # 119: Bones Speed Cream Bearing Lubricant - P465
ITEM # 121: Integy Rear Hub Carrier for HPI Savage purple/silver (pre-X, X, XL, Flux) – P1830
ITEM # 122: Castle Creations 6.5mm High Current Bullet Connector – P540
ITEM # 123: Brand New Savage XL 3 Speed Transmission - P3875
ITEM # 125: 3Racing Aluminum fuel tank protector for Savage (silver/pruple) – P1045
ITEM # 126: NIB JR Digital High Voltage Servo Z9100HVS - P8775
ITEM # 128: NIB Tekin Brushless Truggy Motor T8 TT2361 4038 - P8540
ITEM # 130: CorrosionX 16 oz Trigger Spray Bottles - P1685 - Protects your expensive electronics, will not trap heat within the components unlike Plasti Dip, much safer and easier to use than ballons. See this video ===> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jpSW50cobs (Now on Stock!!!)
ITEM # 147: HPI Machined Bulletproof Diff Gear Set – P2350
ITEM # 148:Savage x/xl/flux upper and lower arms with pins (pair) – P880
ITEM # 149:Savage x ss adjustable upper arms (set of 4) – P725
ITEM # 151:Savage 25/x/ss/flux center drive shaft – P635
ITEM # 152:NEW HPI Savage X Roll Bar, Handle, Engine Protector – P685
ITEM # 153:Savage X SS Clear Body with complete decals and antenna tube - P2125
ITEM # 154: HPI Savage Battery Level Indicator – P1967
ITEM # 160: HPI Differential Case Washer 0.7mm (PN 86099) - P240
ITEM # 161: Exhaust manifold spring: 110/ pack of 3

Shipping details:
- Additional shipping charges apply
- Payment must be made through BDO or LBC prior to shipping
- Payment may also be made through PAYPAL (Customer add 3.75% of the total amount to cover the paypal fees)
- Once payment is verified, items will be Shipped through Air21 unless the buyer make other arrangements
- A tracking number will be provided for buyer’s reference

We accept orders for hard to find parts (please call or text for more details)

***pictures at http://rccebu.blogspot.com/ ***
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Default For sale

Gtb rx...300

Losi scte rolling kit...9k

Losi stike rolling kit...3,5k

Hobao hyper10sc...7k

125cc fuel tank ntiro for 8th scale mt...700

12v power supply for charger...700

4pcs 8th scale mt tires almost brand new...1,5k


Tnx rc tech
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Default RC Stuff For sale

CONTACT NO. 09189590528
Items are in Davao - ACTUAL PICS and refence pics

1. Slightly used AcncM Aluminum shock towers for E/T-MAXX
PRICE : P 2,000

2. NEW HOBBYWING XERUN Competition RC Brushless Motor 150A ESC Speed Controller + NEW HOBBYWING TEKMODEL Model Program Card for Car ESC
PRICE : P 5,500
Reference for specs : http://www.hobbypartz.com/07e-c-xerun-150a-sd.html

3. NEW HOBBYWING EZRUN RC Model 5V Cooling Fan & 44x60mm R/C Motor Heat Sink
PRICE : P 700

4. NEW Traxxas Wheelie Bar Assembled T/E-Maxx 4975
PRICE : P 1,000 per pc.
Quantity: 2 PCS

5. NEW Novak 16GA Silicone BL Motor & Battery Wire Set
PRICE : P 1,000

6. NEW Traxxas T-Maxx Anodized Blue Pivot Ball Cups
PRICE : P 600

PRICE : P 800

8. NEW Traxxas E/T-MAXX Brushless TIE RODS & PUSH ROD ends
PRICE : P 500

PRICE : P 400

10. NEW Traxxas 2075 Digital High Torque Waterproof
PRICE : P 1,400 per pc.
Quantity : 5 pcs

11. NEW Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless * CHASSIS KIT * & Battery Parts
PRICE : P 1,200

12. NEW Traxxas E/T-Maxx Brushless * SKID PLATES & CHASSIS BRACE
PRICE : P 700

13. NEW TRAXXAS E/T-MAXX Bulkheads Set
PRICE : P 700

14. NEW Traxxas T/E-MAXX A-Arms Set
PRICE : P 700 per set
Quantity : 2 sets

15. NEW Traxxas Nitro Revo Brushless 3.3 SHOCKS
PRICE : P 1000

16. NEW Traxxas Nitro Revo Brushless 3.3 Wing & Wing Mount with Decals
PRICE : P 1500

17. NEW Anodized Blue 17mm HEX NUTS hubs
Quantity : 2 sets
PRICE : P 1000 per set

18. NEW T/E - MAXX Differential
Quantity : 2 pcs
PRICE : P 1,300 per pc---RESERVED

19. NEW T/E - MAXX Shock tower Set
PRICE : P 700

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Originally Posted by jdm_ae92
Schedule natin yan ah.. dapat up to 2am..
Pwede ganun? Hehehe
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Originally Posted by LGWGM
Used LRP Nitro Engine ZR.30 X Competition (spin start abled) <1 3/4 gallon though it including break in> P10K now!

Cubic capacity ...... .30 (4.92ccm)
Power .....................4.21HP
Max. RPM................38.300

RFS: Could hardly find a bashing spot for nitro so I'm done with nitro.
Used Losi LST XXL rx 1100 mAh rx batt pack P600
Used Tenergy 6v 3300 mAh batt pack P900

Used Dynamite 086 pipe P1.5k

Used Glow plug igniter (w/ batt meter) + charger + rechargeable battery P900

Used Futaba S9450 digital servo P3,500

Used Losi F/R servo P400

--- Losi Cluth shoes (mounted but not ran - shows some scratch marks due to install/uninstall) P1,000
New Losi LST XXL Exhaust Header P1,175

New Losi TiNi Diff ring/pinion P1,850 (2 sets available)

New Losi F/R Diff Bevel Gear set P695 (2 sets available)

New Losi Pull/Spin start One-Way Bearing P875

New Losi Front/Rear Bevel Gear Set (28/17) P660

New Losi Cluth Nut & hardware P525

New Dubro Silicone Fuel Tubing, 2', Medium P390

New Losi Exhaust spring P250

New Losi Clutch & Nut Hardware P500
Losi Combo Pull/Spin Start Assembly P1,100
Losi Aluminum Diff Case, Blue:LST/2,AFT
P990 (2 sets available)


New MG996R servo SOLD

More parts HERE

Ask any question you have (private message/sms)

Will add more items as I find them. Thanks for looking

Contact number +639266838717

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Default For sale

1.HPI Savage XL


- XP Digital DS1015 used in steering servo
- HPI SF-50 used in throttle and Brake servo
- Brand New K5.9 PULL START Engine – Just opened the box.
- Wheelie bar
- Reverse module with mixer and servo
- HPI Big Bore Sport Shock
- Integy aluminium Rear hub Carrier
- Integy Center Skid Plate
- HPI Sway bar
- Pro-Line Big Joe 3.8" (40 Series) All-Terrain Tires Mounted on Tech 5 Black Wheels

- Brand New Nitro tank
- Fuel Bottle
- Temp gauge

NOTE: Wala po syang ENGINE MOUNT. So bilhan nyo nalang sa action.

The rest are stock.

Haven't got a chance to play this truck for more than a year now at nakatambak lang sa bahay. I planned to convert it to BL before but had no time to continue.

2.Ofna LX-1E

Kit includes:

-Airtronics 94359 digital servo
-HV Novak 5.5 Brushless Motor (ESC is not working. You can repair it if you want)
-Spektrum DX3 radio
-2 Pcs MAD 6000mAh 2S1P 45C 7.4V - Slightly bloated
-2 Pcs Turnigy 2200mAh 3S1p 25C - Used 2 cycles each and did not used it.
-Extreme X-605 Li-Po Balance charger with power supply of course.

All the you see in the picture will be included (included the box and carry bag of the buggy). What you see is what you get.

All for P30,000 only FIX.

RFS. Need cash and quitting RC.

-Contact me for sure buyer only 0923-808-1844.
- Pick up and meet up at my office at The Rockwell Business Center, Ortigas Ave. Pasig (Tabi ng Medical City Hospital) or to my place at Rosario Pasig. city.
- Text me for faster transaction. Will not entertain questions pag andito na ang details.

The Big Locked Thread-img_0761.jpg The Big Locked Thread-img_0762.jpg The Big Locked Thread-img_0763.jpg The Big Locked Thread-img_0765.jpg
The Big Locked Thread-img_0766.jpg

Other pics are below... :-)
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Default For sale

Part 2/3: Continuation pictures of HPI Savage XL and Ofna sale from above.

The Big Locked Thread-img_0775.jpg The Big Locked Thread-img_0776.jpg
The Big Locked Thread-img_0778.jpg The Big Locked Thread-img_0780.jpg
The Big Locked Thread-img_0783.jpg
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Default For sale

Part 3/3: Continuation pictures of HPI Savage XL and Ofna sale from above.

The Big Locked Thread-img_0794.jpg The Big Locked Thread-img_0798.jpg
The Big Locked Thread-img_0801.jpg The Big Locked Thread-img_0805.jpg
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Default R31 drift kit

RC 1/10 drift kit


Price: Php 9000 repriced.

All upgrade parts from japan

Front one way - eagle racing

Rear solid spool - eagle racing

Front/Rear high angle universal shaft -eagle racing

Motor fan - eagle racing

Adjustable Damper/shocks - eagle racing gold

Belt tensioner - eagle racing gold

Steering crank/arm - eagle racing gold

Front/rear stealth body mount - eagle racing black

Sanwa servo

Hobby wing ezrun brushless system esc + 13t Motor 60A worth 4K

Rear diffuser

90t kawada spur gear

18t kawada pinion gear

Front pulley: 40t eagle racing

Rear pulley: 36t eagle racing

CS ratio: 2.29

Streetjam pulley set 14t,15t,16t,17t,19t,20t,21t,22t + teh 18t

All bearings


Required to run:



Good condition! well maintained

You can test it if you want.

RFS: not using..

Meetup: Monumento, ABS-CBN area

Contact no: 09063238258 globe
Attached Thumbnails The Big Locked Thread-img_4707_zps72199b6a.jpg   The Big Locked Thread-img_4716_zps1c110709.jpg   The Big Locked Thread-img_4706_zps873c9e42.jpg  

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played at cv last thur using my bazooka , hehehehe nag survive sya ng wala nasisira hehehehe , jump jump , dami lang airleaks ng engine ko , kinakapos sa haba ng tracks

guys hanap ako steering link , universal dogbone , swaybar na matibay na pasok sa bazooka baka meron kayo ma suggest . TIA
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Default Drift body shell yokomo mazda rx-7 fc3s team samurai

Price: 2550

3 paints...
Unpeeled head/tail lights, tint, silver hood, plate number etc..
Mount holes: NO front & rear
Complete w/ side mirror, spoiler

NO light bucket included.
Slightly used.



Contact no: 09063238258 globe
Attached Thumbnails The Big Locked Thread-img_0014-medium-.jpg   The Big Locked Thread-img_0013-medium-.jpg   The Big Locked Thread-img_0012-medium-.jpg  
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too many kits taking up space

Yokomo BD5 - 10k
*meticulously rebuilt
*with spare parts
*rarely used
*with original box and manual
*rolling kit only
*ideal for 17.5 blinky, 13.5 boosted

Hot Bodies Cyclone TC - 8k
*rolling kit only
*ideal for 17.5 blinky

Tamiya FF03 Pro -5k
*with original box and manual
*TRF dampers missing, replaced with oil filled dampers
*with Spec-R geardiff
*with Tamiya Option Ball Diff
*many more hop ups
*rarely used
*rolling kit only

Tamiya F104v2 - 8.5k
*with original box and manual
*rarely used
*with spare parts
*last run in Thailand for TITC 2013, B main, mid pack
*rolling kit only

All items are in JP Raceway available for inspection anytime.

Prices are fixed.

No calls/text, PM only.
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1/10 HSP RTR Kit Brand New

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Originally Posted by seanski
Pwede ganun? Hehehe
Pwede.. sasama kasi kayo..
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