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pawana 09-16-2010 09:15 PM

Originally Posted by fzhal (Post 7949803)

when you want cheap things...dont expect to much!!!


bravolous 02-23-2011 04:58 AM

Team MAgic G4JR
Im looking forradio plate carbon fibre for team magic G4JR... and other parts carbon fibre that can be used in Team Magic G4JR

Ericlim 04-14-2011 07:49 AM

JohnHSP sell low price item like tires to gain good trade rating and use the good rating to con people. Please take noted.

Ericlim 04-14-2011 05:58 PM

Scammer alert !!!! JohnHSP from Sibu
2 Attachment(s)
:flaming::flaming: Ok, he refuse to send me the graphite parts that was in the blur photo, here is the scammer's details.
User name: JohnHSP
Real name: John Hii shieng ping
Address : 2D, LORONG 18C
Contact : 012-8092626
Maybank account :511216050011
facebook :http://www.facebook.com/people/John-...00000727943462

Items conned- graphite parts removed after he says already pack in the box, also refuse to take clear photo afterward, he says hard to open the box :flaming:Only give blur photo.

Items conned- He mention his buggy (tip top condition), but when received, front bevel gear and pinion gear broken. I have to buy it my self.Yes i buy my self.
Yes ,2nd hand are not 100%, I expect 80% but get only 65%,
Here's the link to his item,xray 808

We should not tolerate cheater like him. !!

haneyharun 04-23-2013 07:50 PM

hai, is there MO5 second?

nickytsh 02-25-2014 01:32 AM

dear all,
I am looking for a RC Car bag. Any recommendation?


jeannalim 02-26-2014 08:57 AM

Where can i get a RC ? 9club, 9977club.com

nagasaki_hpi 03-06-2014 02:54 AM

hi all, just read few of you guys being con etc... so sorry to hear that... be more careful guys!

nagasaki_hpi 03-07-2014 06:56 AM

thaank's ;););););););););););););)

Redz_Dragoon 03-28-2014 05:38 PM

Hi all racer, i'm new to this forum but familiar with this vBulettin type forum (carigold)..b4 this i'm just as silent reader n dealing by phone sms until several day before dat require me to register coz the seller didn't put contact info..

What i'm going to share is avoid to deal with this type of seller :

1. Seller dun want to communicate other than call only (quite dictator isn't it)..no sms, whtsapp, email or etc by giving reason call is for serious buyer. But what u didn't know is they dun want to leave a mark or "taik" dat will used as an evidence if sumthing goes wrong. Come on guys, as seller don't u want ur stuff to be sold? Dat means don't care to communicate what ever way buyer want to cntact u? Unless seller got hidden agenda :ha:. Even i pm/sms him to give bank account number still not reply need to call (he claimed no credit but pm?)
This type of dealing often used to con/scam people where they advertised their stuff and wait for buyer ask bank account num. They will give but other seller bank account so when u bank-in and gave scammer the detail then scammer will used dat detail to notify the other seller dat he paid already the stuff. In the end the scammer got his stuff but u? Paid nothing. As u report using dat account bank found dat what u paid for different from the stuff the other seller sold. Horrible isn't it?

2. Always googling sumthing - when u got some detail google it. Luckily i google his phone number (got on pm, he pm me) and found dat this seller's phone number same with other id in this forum also sell sumthing same style marketing, call for serious but no phone number there. Multiple id? Sign of scammer :ha:. Found the number when google direct me to other id's album and the phone num was there.Text him about dat "coincidence" later than he call me said didn't know dat other id. But after dat when open the album again found that the phone num was gone. After dat the seller call me and told dat he contact the other id to correct the phone coz same with his number. How can he contact the other idwhile the other id not publish any cntct info? Same time online :lol:? Some kind of internet magic isn't it? :D

I don't what he up for but if he is genuine seller ur way of deal difficult both parties man. if u experienced wif play-play buyer take it as challenge. But if ur intention to con/scam people, Well, i hope u got hit by whatever rc u playing and die lah :lol:

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