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Singapore Invitational Challenge 2 on 23 and 24 June 2007 >

Singapore Invitational Challenge 2 on 23 and 24 June 2007

Singapore Invitational Challenge 2 on 23 and 24 June 2007

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Default Singapore Invitational Challenge 2 on 23 and 24 June 2007

Those interested please post your entry at Singapore Site. Thank you.

2007 Singapore Invitational Challenge 2
On-Road GP 10th Scale ISTC / 8th Scale IC
23rd & 24th June 2007

1/8th Scale IC GP On-Road
No./Name/Car Model/Engine/Freq/PT/Paid to/Country
1./Erwin Luhur/Evolva/Nova/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
2./Sadikin/Evolva/JP/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Indonesia
3./Nick Kuan/960/Nova/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
4./Nelson Lee/MRX4R/Nova/Spektrum/NO PT/Paid to PM/Singapore
5./Alvin/960/Mega/40.690/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
6./Joe Hwee/TS/OS/40.355/NO PT/Paid to TS/Singapore
7./Isaiah Poon/MRX4R/Ninja/Spektrum/TBA/TBA/Singapore
8./Tay Wui Kiat/MRX4R/Nova/Spektrum/Not paid yet/SGD
9/Chia Teck Foong/S960/Max/Spektrum/not paid yet/SGD
10./Jesse Wu/S960/RB/Spektrum/not paid yet/SGD
11./Don Chng/???/nova/???/not paid yet/SGD
12. Ian wong/Mrx4r/RB C6/spektrum/not paid yet/SGD
13. Suruth/960/Max/????/Thailand
14. Thailand
16. Thailand


1/10th Scale ISTC GP On Road
No./Name/Car Model/Engine/Freq/PT/Paid to/Country
1./Ah Heng/G4S RTR/Orion/SS/5517899/Paid to HP/Singapore
2./Albertino Sang/G4S/LRP Spec 3/40.895/8938214/Paid to HP/Singapore
3./CH Tay/G4S/LRP Spec 3/Futaba/5399758/Paid to HP/Singapore
4./Pason/G4S/Orion CRF/Futaba/PT/Paid to HP/Singapore
5./Kenneth Tan/V1RRR/Orion CRF/Futaba FASST/PT 92779971/Singapore
6./Ah huat/G4S/OS/SS/NO PT/Paid to HP/Singapore
7./AH CAI/G4S/OS MOD/40.650/NO PT/Paid to HP/Singapore
8./Jason long/G4S/OS speed/SS/NO PT/Paid to HP/Singapore
9./Erwin Luhur/V1RRR/OS Zac/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
10./Sadikin/NT-1/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Indonesia
11./Usman/V1RRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Indonesia
12./Linardi/V1RRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Indonesia
13./Nick Kuan/V1RRR/OS Zac/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
14./Andrew Chin/MTX4/T01A/40.710/NO PT/Paid to PM/Singapore
15./Nelson Lee/MTX4/Nova/Spektrum/NO PT/Paid to PM/Singapore
16./Daniel Chee/MTX4/T01A/41.180/NO PT/Paid to PM/Singapore
17./Ah Siong/MTX4/T01A/40.630/NO PT/Paid to PM/Singapore
18./Roy Chong/MTX4/LL3T/40.710/NO PT/Paid to PM/Singapore
19./Michael Kristanto/MTX4/Max/40.750/NO PT/Paid to PM/Singapore
20./Tang/MTX4/Max/No Freq/NO PT/Paid to PM/Singapore
21./Norhakim/MTX4/T01A/No Freq/NO PT/Paid to PM/Singapore
22./Niko/S720/Mega/Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Malaysia
23./Alex Hau/S720/Nova/Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Malaysia
24./Chua/MTX4/LRP/Freq/NO PT/Malaysia/Payment shall pay to Niko
25./Danny/MTX4/RB/Freq/NO PT/Malaysia/Payment shall pay to Niko
26./Yoga/RRR/RB/Freq/NO PT/Malaysia/Payment shall be pay to Niko
27./Alvin/S720/Nova/Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore/Shall pay to NIko
28./Philip Lee/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
29./Ben Seet/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
30./Kelvin Yong/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
31./Michael Ng/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
32./Audrey Lim/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
33./Dave Chan/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yetd/Singapore
34./Edmund/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
35./Ah Loy/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
36./Terence Chung/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
37./Jerry Leow/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
38./Ah Boy/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
39./Chee Hui/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
40./Andrew Hui/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
41./Dalton/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
42./Ernest/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
43./Ah Boon/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
44./LKS/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
45./Ah Fu/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
46./Kevin Cheong/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
47./Robert/VIRRR/Sirio/No Freq/NO PT/Not Paid Yet/Singapore
48./Joe Hwee/TS/Nosram/40.355/2112110/Paid to TS/Singapore
49./Azri Amri/MTX4/LRP SPEC3/40.965/2081885/Not Paid Yet/Malaysia
50./Ah Heng/MTX4/REX/xxx/NO PT/Not paid yet/Singapore
51/John Ho/RRR/Falco/xxx/NO PT/Not paid yet/Singapore
52/Francis Ho/RRR/Sirio/xxx/NP PT/Not paid yet/Singapore
53/Isaiah Poon/V1RRR/Sirio/Spektrum/TBA/TBA/Singapore
54/Tay Wui Kiat/MTX4R/RB/Spektrum/not paid yet/SGD
55/Chia Teck Foong/MTX4R/MAXSpektrum/not paid yet/SGD
56/Jesse Wu/S720/IDM evo3/Spektrum/not paid yet/SGD
57./Jimmy/V1RRR/JP/xxxxx/SGD/ Shall made payment to NIKO
58. Ian wong/720/max/spektrum/not paid yet/SGD
59. Suruth/ 720/ max/ ?????/ Thailand
60. Thailand
61. Thailand
62. Thailand
63. Thailand
64. Thailand
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