Turtle Trax Friday the 13th Race

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  • Quote: This guy was sitting on the beach enjoying the sand and sun when he spotted a strapping young man with a chiseled phyique walking towards him. The man had 2 beautiful girls on each sinewy arm and from the jewelry he was wearing, he was obviously wealthy. There was however a problem, the man had a tiny head, like the size of a pencil eraser. The guy appraoched the man and said, "You obviously gotit goingon but i have to ask, what happened to your head if you don't mind me asking?" The man tells his story....."I was walking down the very beach when i noticed a small brass oil lamp on the ground. I picked it up and buffed it a few times and in a whoosh of smoke, out pops the drop dead gorgeous genie. The genie offers to grant 3 wishes. My 1st wish was to have the most perfect body in the world and BAM, i got this body. My 2nd wish was to have all the money I could ever spend and BAM, I'm filthy rich. For my 3rd and final wish, i told the genie that I wanted to have sex with her, she said NO, So I asked for a little head...BAM
    wall of text jokes are not funny
  • Another great evening of racing at TT! I had a blast and got to know the 22 a little better - that thing is sensitive to any little change, dang.

    Thanks for all the help and advise, guys.
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