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FORGASS "Sour Grapes" Race at Fort Myers Civic Center April 28th and 29th

FORGASS "Sour Grapes" Race at Fort Myers Civic Center April 28th and 29th

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Default FORGASS "Sour Grapes" Race at Fort Myers Civic Center April 28th and 29th

Well everyone the end of the 2006/07 season is coming. Our Trophy and
BBQ race is April 28th and 29th.

On Saturday the 28th the event will be like this:

Tracks opens at 8am for practice and registration. Then we will try
and run 2 qualifiers. After the qualifiers we will have the election
of next years officers and purposed rule changes. Then the Trophies
will be handed out for this year. After that we will all enjoy some
great BBQ.

On Sunday the 29th normal State race schedule.

A few housekeeping things for me. Please guys if you cannot make this
race try and have someone pick up your trophy. I am hoping to get as
many as possible for some pics. I would like to get a pick of you,
your car and trophy. So bring that special paint job!

At the region 4 race I had a few drivers talk with me about purposed

1) The Sunday break from 11am to noon. Looks like everyone (or Most of
you)are in big favor of this.

2) Re-sort, There are many opinions on this matter. Now I do not want
to open a great big spat here on the internet. Here are the pros and
cons. Right now we take the time to set up the heats by points. This
is done to try and give the drivers with equal skill in the same
heats. But there are problems with this if a driver or 2 does not make
every race. So the choice is to either let the computer sort the heats
or set up by points. Now what do we do about guys who pit for each
other being in same race. The problem here is they always wait until
your ready to start racing before they say anything. This has always
been a problem. What we have done in the past is one of the drivers
goes to the bottom of the list. Now if we re-sort after 2 rounds it
must be a total re-sort. That means if you are a excellent driver and
you have 2 bad runs you will be placed where you are currently
qualified. It also means there is no switching of drivers for pitting
after the re-sort is done. Then we run the final 2 rounds.

I understand why some like re-sorts and some do not. So as far as I
see it we have 2 choices.

1) No re-sort keep it like we are currently doing. Set heats up by
current points.
2) Re-sort after 2 rounds with computer setting up heats to start.
Meaning racers not set up by points. And then let computer do re-sort
with no changes.

I would like to Thank everyone again for the support you have given me
all year. See you all on the 28th.

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TRACK WILL BE OPEN 1:00 to 5:00 on friday
see ya at the races
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Well the end of another racing season has come. The FORGASS series
completed its 31st season and what a season it was. We added 2 new
tracks to the circuit with the addition of Homestead Raceway and
Charlotte R/C Raceway.

Let’s look and see how we did. In the 1st race at Fort Myers our T.Q.
in 1/10th was Art Carbonell and he also won the A-Main. In the 1/8th
Open class T.Q. was Joaquin DeSoto who also won the A-Main. At the 2nd
race in Kissimmee the T.Q in 1/10th Sedan was Andrew Duperrouzel. But
Paolo Morganti won the A-Main. In the 1/8th Open it was Phillip Abed
getting the T.Q. But Paolo Morganti pulled off a sweep and won the A-
Main in the 1/8th class. For the 3rd race we were back to Fort Myers
and T.Q. in 1/10th was Gianni Giorgio and Art Carbonell made it 2 in a
row at the Fort with his A-Main win. In the 1/8th Open Chris Tosolini
Swept both the T.Q. and the A-Main win. At our first new track of the
year in Homestead for race 4 the 1/10th T.Q. belonged to Andrew
Duperrouzel. However D.J. Apolaro won the A-Main. Chris Tosolini won
the T.Q. but Scotty Gray won the A-Main. For race 5 we were back at
Fort Myers and Art Carbonell was T.Q. But Barry Baker with the debut
of the new X-ray car won the A-Main. In 1/8th Open Scotty Gray grabbed
the T.Q. Chris Tosolini won the A-Main. Then back to Kissimmee for
race 6 of the season D.J. Apolaro won the T.Q. for the 1/10th class.
But Danny Horta won the A-Main. In the 1/8th Open Chris Tosolini was
T.Q. But Scotty Gray came home with the A-Main win. At race 7 at the
second new track of the year in Punta Gorda it was Robert Maestrey was
T.Q in the 1/10 Sedan. Danny Horta made it 2 wins in a row bringing
home the A-Main win. Paolo Morganti made it a sweep in the 1/8th Open
winning both the T.Q. and the A-Main.

Here is how the point’s standings finished:

First the 1/10 Sedan Class. We had 99 different drivers for this year.
Here is what the top 10 looked like with points and car make:

1 - Andrew Duperrouzel – 592 - Mugen
2 – Art Carbonell – 587 – Mugen
3 – D.J. Apolaro – 575 – Serpent
4 – Roniel Regalado – 568 – Serpent
5 – Robert Maestrey – 563 - Kyosho
6 – Luke Whitaker – 560 – Serpent
7 – Austin Wolfe – 550 – Serpent
8 – Mark Harrison – 527 – Serpent
9 – Eduardo Cabal – 524 – Mugen
10 – Peter Breton – 523 – Mugen

For the 1/8th Open we had 56 different drivers. Here is how there top
10 looked:

1 – Joaquin DeSoto – 584 – Mugen – Wins tie breaker by A-Main win at
race 1.
2 – Phillip Abed – 584 – Mugen
3 – Chris Tosolini – 576 – Kyosho
4 – Chuck Moon – 576 – Mugen
5 – Ashton Brinson – 565 – Mugen/Serpent – Started with Mugen finished
with Serpent.
6 – Vince Tate – 560 – Mugen
7 – Jim Sowa – 552 – Mugen
8 – Randy Colvin – 549 – Mugen
9 – Julian Hope – 524 – Mugen
10 – Tommy DeSantis – 523 – Mugen

Our rookie of the year was Andres Abed. A first time 1/8th open racer
who finished 17th in the points standings. This kid is fast and made a
ton of improvements through out the entire season. He will be a force
next year. His father is going to have 2 of the best young racers in
the series.

Now at the “Sour Grapes” race we handed out trophies had some great
BBQ and did some fun racing as well. But we also elected the officers
for next year. The FORGASS officers for next year will be:

President – Gary Tuttle
Vice President – Greg Esser
Secretary/Treasurer – David Larry
Head Tech Official – Karla Stelljes
Asst Tech Official – Sean Clark

Next years schedule and by laws will be updated based by the election
results. It will be posted by June 15th.

Racing also happened this weekend. In the 1/10th Sedan class 21 races
registered. After the qualifying was done it was Art Carbonell getting
the T.Q. with a time of 21 laps in 5:05.54. In the B-Main the top 3
finished like this: Mark Nagy was 1st with 70 laps in 20:17.66, 2nd
was Jimmy Woods with 64 laps in 20:07.67 and 3rd was Bill Graham with
49 laps in 20:08.33, The bump up winner was Eduardo Mujica with 71
laps in 20:06.18. The A-Main was really a 2 man race. Art Carbonell
was the winner completing the sweep of getting T.Q. and the A-Main
win. His time was 81 laps in 20:13.73. Andrew Duperrouzel was a close
2nd with 80 laps in 20:00.40. Rounding out the top 5 were: Dan Oleski
was 4th with 74 laps in 20:03.84, David Larry was 4th with 72 laps in
20:10.99 and Chris Lefebvre was 5th with 71 laps in 19:20.63.

In the 1/8th Open class. We had 25 racers show up and Scotty Gray
showed the way with the best time with 23 laps in 5:01.89. In the C-
Main Richard Fine got 1st with 76 laps in 20:05.71, 2nd was Scott
Andrews with 70 laps in 20:09.01 and 3rd was Juan Ragusa with 38 laps
in 20:12.58. The bump up winner was Shane Burnley with 78 laps in
20:11.01. In the B-main Robert Burg was 1st with 79 laps in 20:06.94.
Tony rice was 2nd with 76 laps in 20:13.43. Shane Burnley was 3rd with
74 laps in 20:08.63. The bump up winner was Franco Ragusa with 83 laps
in 20:05.03. In the A-Main Scotty Gray also got a sweep of getting
T.Q. and win by winning the A-Main. His time was 90 laps in 20:09.02.
Rounding out the top 5 were: 2nd was Joe Sumasky with 87 laps in
20:08.69, Jim Sowa was 3rd with 83 laps in 20:00.73, 4th was Phillip
Abed with 83 laps in 20:00.95 and 5th was Chuck Moon with 78 laps in

This was our final race of the 2006/07 Season. Next years season will
start in September. I want to thank all the racers, track owners and
fellow officers for a wonderful season.
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