Integy Matrix V-10r

  • I just ordered one of these motors. There are three versions, I got the High torque application motor.

    How do these motors perform? Are they better than the Hellfire motors, or just a little different power band?

    Their armature looks just like the Peak Hellfire arm, but with a third skinny lamination between the two large ones, thus more torque.

    The can looks cool though
  • pretty awesome motor. I ran one a while back and had everyone go out and get one. I can't remember which one I got but it was killer on the top end so maybe it's the RPM version.
  • cool motor
  • go fast drive clean
  • V10 hi-rev version is fantastic. It is the equal-best motor I have ever run (BRM chrome-based the other).
  • Motor guru Big Jim has a thread here that provides good informtion about the V10 series. I remember when the V10 first came out, I picked one up after the team guys dropped them off. I saved it until a TCS race and held TQ until Rudy shattered it It's a very very good motor and since then, I have picked up a v10R just for some extra umpf. However, I use them as fall back motors (try not to run them much, must be nice because I am tinkering with the Trinity Monster Horsepower now. So far the V10R seems to be a better motor, but the MHP is really strong with the right gearing.

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