Cheap Sedan Crossover

  • I've been looking at cheap belt drive sedans ($250) to run in USGT as a third class, but I'm not impressed by the lack of parts support, even on some of the better brands.

    My local track stocks Xray, Yokomo and AE parts on the wall.

    In some threads I've seen a few people use Xray arms on a SpecR or Sakura.
    I've also seen Xray diffs on a Serpent.

    So my question is which car has the most crossover with a premium car or at least decent parts support in the US.

    Also I'm running on the new black CRC carpet, so even though I don't hit much, the loads are too high for some of the softer flexing cars like my Serpent Eryx 4.0. That sucker eats top decks and rear hubs from the cornering loads and Serpent America are out of both right now. The top deck just shatters like glass. They also discontinued the thicker 2.5mm top decks all together and I'm not too thrilled spending $40 each for top decks that only last a few days. My Serpent also has 3 mm cupping under the rear diff.

    My first impression right now is that Spec R has no US parts support, even though they have been good in the past. Xray arms fit but not other stuff??

    The Sakura Advance might take Xray arms, but not much else. It does seem to have US parts support for now?? Might be too soft for black carpet?

    The higher end Team C buggies always seemed durable and precise, but again US parts support has been intermittent for my TM4, if your not a team driver. I have been resisting the urge to be a Team C driver because I buy 98% of my stuff at my local track in CT. I've been blessed to race at one of the best tracks in the world with an excellent hobby shop. I don't want to be locked into buying my consumable stuff like tires, motors, ESC's from anybody else.
  • Just pick up a used Xray T3 or T4 and be done with it. There ya go, problem solved.
  • Unless you are directly attached to a sponsor, you'll best be served with finding multiple supply channels, rather than relying just on your local shop.

    It's nice to have regular supply of parts coming from guys like Tqrcacing and Amain, banzai, rcmart.
  • You should look into the BSR BT-4 thread. It's cheap enough that you can buy 2 kits (one for spares) with your quoted budget, and I think it's compatible with some Xray parts.