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AlBundy 01-25-2017 08:21 PM

Fenix gear diff issues
I thought I would see if any one else has had issues with these diffs?

I bought one for my 17 x1 and upon the first trial of the car holding it in the air mind you I pulled the throttle only to discover a horrible wobble from the right tire. Upon inspection I discovered that the axle shaft was machined out of round where it steps down to accept the right hub, this also makes the hub hard to push into the diff side cover and even though it has never touched carpet it caused a thin line to be dug into the spur at the edge of the outer side to f the pinion. Frustrating for $100 dollars.

I emailed them so I will see what they do.

Giorgio 01-26-2017 01:34 AM


Mail received and replied.
Sorry for the issue you've had.

LMK if you get my mail, don't forget that we've 6 hours delta time.

thecaptain 01-26-2017 09:18 AM

Has anyone tried one of these in stock 12th scale?

fenton06 01-26-2017 10:48 AM

Originally Posted by thecaptain (Post 14815743)
Has anyone tried one of these in stock 12th scale?

Not sure you can get a big enough pinion on the motor to run stock. I believe the gear diff has 8x teeth.

Giorgio 01-26-2017 01:30 PM

Fenton and thecaptain

The 1/12 version is on 84/64, and of course all the gear spurs are compatible.

AlBundy 01-27-2017 07:27 PM

Well I can say that these guys not only have poor QC but seem to not like it when they feel offended. They then threaten to slow the process, and as I have not heard any word back today they will in fact slow down any claim if you point out that as a customer who paid out over $100 bucks you reserve the right to not appreciate having to prove their product is of poor quality.

So in a nutshell I feel the transaction should have gone as simple as them sending out either the parts to make it right, or a whole new unit, along with a return ticket so I can ship the defective unit back. You know, so they can use it to learn from and not repeat.

However I get "send us pictures". I send pictures, only to be told not to send them to their site which specifically has an attachment provision for pictures. I point that out to them and explain what a expletive pain in my expletive it is to send the pics by using a camera, downloading, emailing as compared to snapping a pic on the tablet and using their site to send. They respond with warnings for me not to use expletives as it won't make the resolution any faster. I send them pictures and detailed explanation of the issues.

And you guessed it, hear nothing back. So if you do have a claim with these guys I recommend you suck it up like the sap they think their customers are and kiss up to them, whatever you do don't tell it like it is.

TOM MAR 01-27-2017 08:34 PM

I have had Great customer service from them.


AlBundy 01-27-2017 09:12 PM

Originally Posted by TOM MAR (Post 14817442)
I have had Great customer service from them.



What was wrong with your product?

ixlr8nz 01-27-2017 10:41 PM

If you paid with paypal, put in a claim and escalate it. It is hard for them to ignore you then.

Giorgio 01-27-2017 11:49 PM

Dear Albundy
Sorry for the issue.

Of course, if you get a defective product you've a full right to claim for a solution or a remboursement.

Nevertheless we claim, on our side, the right to choose how to serve a customer, if we're treated in a less than "normal" behaviour.

As I say profanity is not a good lubricant in any discussion as is not going to speed up any given process.


Also menacing to "black mail" as well, is not a good system to improve a relationship


Of course...
Our fault... anyone can spot the problem at first sight from the clear pictures we got...


Regarding your 2 last statement:

"And you guessed it, hear nothing back."

You cannot be more wrong, as we've already contacted the dealer that supply you the parts to solve practically your issue.
All you've to do is contact him.

"So if you do have a claim with these guys I recommend you suck it up like the sap they think their customers are and kiss up to them, whatever you do don't tell it like it is."

Of course and while you're doing so, remember we like a lot better email starting with "Good morning" or "Dear person" and ending with a signature, preferably without "fxxxing axx" in the test.

Nothing more than basics which are teached at the primary school.

Now, again, I'm estremely sorry for the issue you've had, as well extremely happy for the 5 minutes of popularity you've got.


Dan 01-28-2017 12:04 AM

LOL, what a crappy pic.

EDWARD2003 01-28-2017 03:29 AM

Originally Posted by Dan (Post 14817565)
LOL, what a crappy pic.

Must be the new iPhone potatoe.

Bar 01-28-2017 04:46 AM

Customer isn't always right, sometimes things no matter how high quality the product can have something that's not been machined right, I have had shock shafts were the thread wasn't cut right before

AlBundy 01-28-2017 07:21 AM

so your saying you handled everything but just didn't notify me? Sounds like a stand up thing to do.... leave the customer hanging without notification.

And I don't have to be good with pictures I'm not a photographer , but as you sell machined parts I would recommend you get better a it. And if your just the customer service rep well you need to brush up on that as well.

KE4PJO 01-28-2017 07:33 AM

A little patience and some common sense goes a long way. And you don't have to be a photographer to see that those pictures are useless.

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