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  • MC--thats just doesnt sound right!!!!!!!!!
  • Yea but you have to relize who its coming from
  • Fredda and Scott S... the main difference i found was the amount of traction the t2 has . It is more stable and has more corner speed.. It was alot easier to go fast then the tc4 in my opinion. It is just a pleasure to drive...

    Mcmoney... OH YEA... I am ready ... now all i need is some graphics stuff done hehe...

    Rcknight.. Rcamerica or Team xray will have it up shortly .. If not i will post it on tuesday...

  • hahaha see you in Florida.
  • Nice run Blackstock, held that TQ i was rooting for ya to win it, but an unfortinate accident happend
  • woops... wrong thread
  • Mike, See ya' at the Magma race
  • bschorr.. Thanks... Yea stuff happens all the time... but there will be a next time....

    Kropy... Glad you are coming should be fun.. Wanna paint me a body for the race lol... My painter is MIA.... So the white will not be pretty there.. hehe...

    Kieth... OMG... Quit hi jacking

  • Hey Mike,

    What springs and shock oils is everyone running in stock?
  • blackstock, you got mail
  • Congrats to Mike Blackstock who won Open Mod class at the Magma race in Oakville, Ontario. He won the first two Triple A-Main which made him the winner. Was Tamiya driver Corey Whiteman fast? (Yes, I only like Tamiya cars and I only have Tamiya!)

    Unfortunately, I was very busy and could not attend the race.

    So what do you think about FastCats? Do you consider it a world class facility?
  • HELP!!!Novak T2 setup???
    Quote: can you post your Novak setup? If you post it, will it be for high bite?
    Can you quickly post your setup? It's not posted yet.
  • Mike congrats on the win. Thanks for coming up to Fastcats. It was great. Get some sleep and good luck at the birds.
  • Quote: Can you quickly post your setup? It's not posted yet.

    Look on RC America, there's a couple really good setups there. Both from the Novak race, both A main, and one from the eventual winner.
  • Mike congrat on your win last weekend !!!

    I'm trying to find some 3mm shim to adjust the track width on the T2. Did I saw the xray plastic shim in the back of your car? they seem very close to each others(size), do you recommend using them or should I get some aluminium washer?

    Thanks in advance


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