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bmx_ican92 10-09-2016 03:01 PM

F1 Chassis Recommendation
I have been really wanting to build an f1 style car. My only problem is the lack of a track in my area, so I'm probably going to be just playing with it on basketball courts and smooth parking lots.

I feel like it would be bad to put a carbon fiber car or a high level kit like the X-ray or the 104 on those surfaces.

Are there any lower level f1 chassis that you guys can recommend for more "bashing" than racing?

Qatmix 10-09-2016 03:36 PM

The Tamiya F103 or 3Racing F109 are really good and cheap cars. They are wider than the current 'spec' F1 class (They have the classic 90's and conversely next years 2017 look). They are both simple but very quick.

carbons2k 10-09-2016 04:07 PM

The Roche F1 is fairly cheap at $260. Has a carbon chassis and I believe is their current model. Ive been looking at it myself.

viking44 10-09-2016 09:33 PM

If you're just thinking of bashing vs. racing, I would stay away from some of the Xrays and the VBCs only because you may get lost in the initial setup of the cars. Or you may not, I don't know your experience. But those cars, out of the box, have a lot of tuning and adjustment capability. But if you must, stick with the manual's baseline setup.

For something that's cheap and ready to whip around any clean and flat surface, the 3Racing FGX is nice, if you can still find one. It's just a little heavy and the drivetrain too complex to get it to race competitively, so you'll hit a performance ceiling.

Tamiya F103 and early F104 (or 104W for that matter), are pretty much build and go, and you can upgrade as you feel the need to, and they can still be competitive. Plus they come with a motor, tires, and body so you're that one step closer to getting on the road.

But I may be biased. Guess what cars I have? An FGX and a couple of F104s. LOL.

Racermac73 10-10-2016 08:55 AM

m not sure how good they are but the wrc brand f1 car has a definite cool factor to it. I think the website is wrc-racing.com

bertrandsv87 10-10-2016 09:11 AM

Pretty much any F1 chassis will do, but if you choose the fgx, you'll need need to put it on a big diet: mckune chassis, supershorty lipo, aluminum/titanium screws everywhere, superlight body, etc,....

bmx_ican92 10-10-2016 09:14 AM

Thanks for all the responses guys. I definitely am not a stranger to set ups and tuning and stuff. Been racing spec buggy for a while.

I will check out some of the older Tamiya kits and some of the others posted here

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