Power supply

  • I am looking to make my own AC-DC power supply. Has anyone got instructions on how to do it?

    Need UK 240V and it needs to be man enough to put out at least 10 amps. (12V)
  • I did an advanced search and found this thread...
    -Shookie <><
  • I have found that 10 amps is not enough if plan on running more then one charger.
  • Making your own power supply is too complicated to do unless you have years of experience. Converting power supply for your needs is pretty simple. There are numerous threads, and articles (on the net), on how to convert PC power supply to use for chargers.

    Here are couple of links.


  • I suggest don't... just buy a good power supply at least 20A. As you love this hobby even more, you will appreciate what you bought in the 1st place.

    Secondly, you might end up burning the charger or get self burn. 240V is not friendly thing u know.
  • We bought a 450w power supply for about 14. My dad gave it to a friend who read a tutorial on rcracechat.com. With a 2 tail light and a few hours work. He made an 18amp power supply with a 12v, 5.5v and 3v rail for charging, running in a motor and running a lathe for 16. It works strong too!

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