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Download and install Waze on your smartphone. It knows the way...
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Thanks fellas.
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Default Awesome event

Had a fantastic time at Stock Wars 2016.

Thanks to Donny for the amazing facility, Robbie Dodge for running a great event,Alex V for his tireless dedication to the hobby and entertaining color commentary, and to all the truly driven racers who put in hours of work and effort to get their race programs in peak condition.

Great job guys!

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Great time as always. Thanks again to everyone involved..

Check you hotel receipt. Seems like they are adding so called access fee's ?? Maybe for the thumping from the club. Lol.
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Originally Posted by R Dodge View Post
All timing/scoring, video and a sweet track map courtesy of Vex Vegaz will be available to view on liverc the entire week!

In fact, you can check out the current track map right now. Stock Wars layout will go down on Wednesday & track map should be updated shortly after.

Awesome vids of the races. I like the two camera setup to showcase both sides of the track and race flow.
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Old 12-13-2016, 02:39 PM   #111
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Thumbs up

Thanks for the kind words!.... and thank you all for coming out!

The video on my page pretty much says it all..... enjoy!.....

Alex Valdes

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Old 12-14-2016, 04:59 AM   #112
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Thank you everyone!

The racers! First and foremost, thank you for attending, I hope everyone had a great time!! Congratulations to our TQs and winners, excellent effort put forth by all!

There are so many people to thank for their efforts in making the event happen and keeping it going. Donny Lia, Sal Amato, Alex Valdes, Mike Haynes & Mrs. Haynes, Greg Sharpe, Eric Anderson, Craig Xavier, Ken Miller, Fordham Hobbies and so many more. Thank you to Michael Toth for the always excellent graphic work! Vex Vegaz with some liverc support & graphics for the track! Steel Reign for the photos and a very nice video recap of the week. Brandon Skewes for the most dialed awards, every time!

Thanks to our event sponsors! Motiv, TQ Wire, CRC, Mon-Tech USA, Destiny USA, Xenon USA, Tekin, RC America/Xray/Hudy, SXT, Team Powers, Team Scream, R1 Wurks, Orca, Protoform, Roche USA, Awesomatix USA, BSR Tires & Gravity RC! We had some of the best door prizes I could ever imagine including two car kits, several motors and batteries, tools, bodies and a whole lot of swag!

Thanks to my personal sponsors for their continued support & to my teammates, EA and Craig X for a great weekend with so many great memories, laughs and excellent teamwork!
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So I thought long and hard about wether or not to make this post, but I strongly feel that a lot of the problems I'm going to list below could have been prevented. And if things are gonna get any better, we had better start talking about it.

I was one of the many who attended Race Wars, and while I am grateful to have participated in the event, there are some things from this event that I think should be addressed, and hopefully corrected before the next major event.

1: The Thursday night club race. As noted in the first post, this was supposed to be $10 for anyone who was participating in stock wars. When we arrived on Thursday however, we were told the fee was $20. Not a big deal, but there was no advance notice of the change (this will be a reoccurring theme). It was then that we were also told we would have to buy specific “race tires” and that the tires we had purchased AT the track prior to the race would not be allowed for competition. Again, no advance notice that there would be a specific labeled “race tire” that we would have to purchase and run for the event. So far, I have been forced to spend an additional $70, and my car hasn’t even hit the track yet.

2: Pit spacing. We arrived on site to find our tables which we had placed weeks earlier and left on site had been folded up & stacked away, and rental tables put in its place. We were given no advance notice, and were told “nobody is going to be able to leave their tables going forward.” My problem with this, is again, there was no advance notice, and it seems the main cluster of “locals” were spared having to move any of their equipment or space. There seems to be a double standard in regards to “locals” or “regulars”, and everyone else. If you’re not going to allow people to leave their equipment or tables, it should be the same standard for everyone, not just those that you say can or can't leave their setup.

3: “controlled” practice. This is one of my biggest gripes. Controlled practice was supposed to be by class, so that you would be on track with similar style & paced cars. But instead, practice sessions were limited to 3 minutes, and were open to ANY class. So for 3 minutes, you are supposed to fine tune your car with 9 other drivers on track, who could be driving USGT, TC pro, TC open, F1, and 1/12. This is straight up dangerous. Needless to say, those 3 minutes were absolute chaos. And should your car need marshaling, you are on your own, and your 3 minutes is used up just marshaling your own car. After being punted 3 separate times by 1/12 scale drivers, I gave up on practice sessions all together. In the future, make practice run by class, and expand the times to 5 min at a minimum. If you really want to make things run even more smoothly, mandate that after your 5 min practice session, you must marshal for the next 5 min session. This keeps the track flowing smoothly, since all cars are the same class, and keeps the cars on the track for the full 5 min.

4: Tech Inspection. ALL day on friday, we were told bodies would be inspected at tech, and wing height restrictions for USGT would be enforced, causing many to have to cut down their USGT wings to be in compliance of the 10mm height rule. Come Saturday, the wing restriction was not teched or enforced, and drivers were free to run whatever wing they wanted. Since we had already cut our wings down, where was no way to go back. If you're gonna tell people you are going to enforce a rule, YOU NEED TO ACTUALLY ENFORCE THAT RULE.

5: Door Prizes. This will be a sensitive subject, but I would like to know how exactly this was handled. From my perspective, watching the names be drawn and prizes given out - it appeared as if the name was drawn, and then the prize was selected for that particular winner. If that is indeed the case, that is simply favoritism, and completely unfair. A door prize should be chosen, THEN a name picked to win that prize, NOT the other way around. Additionally, it appeared that some people won twice, despite only being entered for a single race. Im really not sure what went on with this, but it looked shady, thats for sure. If Donny or Alex want to set the record straight, I’m happy to hear the whole story, and will stand corrected.

6: Marshalling. As I went through my races for the day, i observed several people coming off the drivers stand after their heat, and return to the pits without marshaling. Despite knowing exactly who was missing off the track, no actions were taken against the drivers who didn’t marshall, and at times the next race had to be delayed while we waited for volunteers. Again, if you’re going to have a standard, it should apply to EVERYONE. Many times I have read that if you don't marshal, a lap will be deducted from your race. I have yet to see this happen, or even call someone out for failing to marshall, despite the full knowledge of who isn't on track when they should be.

7: Driver etiquette. This was practically nonexistent. Despite repeat offenses by the same people, nothing was addressed. Drivers punting people off the track. Drivers diving to the inside of a turn at full speed and slamming another driver to the outside. Lapped drivers taking out lead cars during the mains. It all happened. Watch the video. (Touring Open C Main). Hard racing is one thing, but purposefully taking out other drivers, or running cars off the track just because they get up next to you is something else. If you can’t get your drivers under control and enforce track etiquette, ill save the damage to my cars and take my racing elsewhere. I suspect I won’t be alone.

8: Drivers meeting. HAVE ONE. Had there been a drivers meeting first thing Saturday, MANY of the things listed above could have been addressed, and hopefully prevented. But as it was, there was no advance meeting, and away the weekend went.

Again, I am grateful to have attended this race, and thankful to Donny & Robbie for putting it together, but having experienced all of the above, I could just let it go, and have it all go un noticed. My hope is that rather than respond with anger, this will start a dialogue, which can hopefully lead to meaningful change, or at least some more transparency at 360, with the hopes of keeping this hobby fun, and open to all.


Please don't let this post take away from the hard work that was done to have this event. The event was an overall success, and I am happy I participated. I am grateful to have a track like 360 in my area, and to have the opportunity to race here. My only hopes with this post is to help improve things for the future.

PS: Yes, this is an anonymous account. I did this to protect my own identity in fear of retaliation from those who would be offended by what I had to say. Posting constructive advice shouldn't be something that one would be angered by, but we don't live in a perfect world.
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Great racing guys..... I watched the videos over and over. I sure missed a great event due to backorder parts. I hope to see all of you soon.....
Also, no event ever goes perfect all the time, and I hope to see more F1 cars at the track when I bring mine down to race.....

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I appreciate the input altF and I agree with most of what you say.. I disagree with how you went about it though. I'll send you a pm when I have a chance to address your concerns. Some of which I believe we already discussed, one particularly was listed on the original post on this thread.
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