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R Dodge 2017-03-17 02:50:09

(Wikipost) XRAY X12 2017 1/12 Pan Car
Welcome to the XRAY X12'17 Thread & Wikipost! Here you will find some useful info, tips and tricks as well as setups that are used by several team drivers. Many of us run the X12'17 on high bite carpet and with most US tracks going to the new black CRC carpet, most setups from here out will be developed for those high bite conditions.

Tips & Tricks:
Some racers notice slop developed in the front end over time. One method to reduce/remove this, as pointed out by some of our friends in Europe is to score the inside of the plastic front pivot ball (where the kingpin goes through) with a sharp xacto blade. Usually 4 scores at 12, 3, 6 and 9 will do. Alternative options can be found listed below.

As with any 1/12 pan car, a smooth operating suspension is critical to performance. It is recommended to polish your kingpins & hinge pins using a dremel or a drill and some sort of polish (IE Gravity polish or Mothers Aluminum polish will work). If you find that your suspension has a bind, you may look at using a reamer or drillbit to make sure the holes are clear of any flashing or debris. The only place this may happen is at the upper hingepin, which is 2mm dia.

For stock racing we usually find ourselves looking for a little more steering. One trick that some of the stock drivers have done that seems to help is lowering the graphite plate that the servo & shock mount to. To do this, you will need the 17mm standoffs from VBC and the servo mounts from the 2015 or earlier X12. Be careful that the servo mounts do not sit crooked on the plate when attaching it; a 0.2-0.5mm shim will help ensure it sits perfect on the graphite plate. Part numbers can be found below.

Option Parts to consider:
XRA371220 X12 Foam Bumper
XRA372012 Composite Front Upper Arm Mount Right Graphite

XRA372022 Composite Front Upper Arm Mount Left Graphite

XRA372113 Composite Suspension Arm Front Lower Right Graphite

XRA372123 Composite Suspension Arm Front Lower Left Graphite
Spring 4.75 Coils 3.6x6x0.45mm, C=2.0 - Silver (Soft) (2)
Spring 4.05 Coils 3.6x6x0.45mm, C=2.5 - Black (Soft) (2)
XRA373584 Side Spring C=0.6 - Silver (2)
XRA373586 Side Spring C=1.2 - Black (2)
XRA375010 Graphite Rear Axle Shaft - highly recommended
XRA378094 Shock Spring C=2.1 Black

Lowered Graphite Plate:
XRA376255-O Alu Servo Mount - Orange (2)

Front end options:
ASC4403 Kingpins, 1:12 Scale
ASC4622 Upper Arm Eyelets

ASC4626 Upper Arm Mounts/Steering Blocks
ASC4627 Front Axles
ASC8417 Pivot Balls

Aluminum Chassis:
Max.FX Aluminum Chassis
McFactory Motorsports

Recent Setups:
Alexander Hagberg - Snowbird Nationals - Mod - High Bite
Craig Xavier - Snowbird Nationals - 17.5 - High Bite
Robbie Dodge - Snowbird Nationals - 17.5 - High Bite
Eric Anderson - ROAR Carpet Nationals - 13.5 High Bite

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